It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Take Charge and Leave a Mark

Innate in most humans is a desire to take charge, be validated, and be seen as a person of value. If you feel a sense of urgency to make your mark and carve a niche for yourself, then know that it’s your time to shine. Indeed, this desire can manifest in various ways, with the bottom line being a yearning to shine and make your mark.

Take charge: Are you dying to shine?

So looking closer at the concept, what does “Dying to Shine” mean?

Dying can be defined as something that is coming to an end or has become extinct. But in everyday language, it can mean that someone wants to achieve something so badly that they are willing to give up everything to reach their goal or vision. In short, they recognize that it’s their time to shine now.

To shine means to be the best version of yourself that you can be. It means to bring out the best in yourself, to glow brightly as the sun for others to see, or to leave a legacy.

“Dying to shine” suggests a deep desire to be recognized, stand out, and make your mark. It’s about feeling an intense drive to achieve something great, to make a significant impact, or to do something unique.

Viewing the phrase in this manner can be seen as a good thing, especially when a person clearly understands their purpose in life.

However, it’s important to note that the phrase “dying to shine” can also be viewed negatively. Specifically, when people become so fixated on their goals, they neglect their well-being and end up burning out or sacrificing too much. These sacrifices can be multi-dimensional. Personal, relational, financial, or health issues are some, to name a few, that can lead to regret and a costly price.

How do you determine when it’s your time to shine?

Determining when it’s your time to shine can be a subjective and personal matter, as everyone has their own unique journey and set of circumstances. However, here are a few possible indicators that you may be approaching your time to shine:

1. You’ve put in the work.

If you’ve been consistently working hard and putting forth effort toward your goals, you may be nearing the point where your efforts will be rewarded.

2. You feel ready.

You may have a sense of readiness or excitement building up inside of you, as if you’re on the cusp of something big.

3. Opportunities are coming your way.

You may start to notice that opportunities are presenting themselves to you, whether it’s job offers, invitations to speak or perform, or other opportunities that align with your goals and aspirations.

4. You have a sense of clarity.

You may feel more clear and focused about your purpose and direction in life, as if everything is coming together in a meaningful way.

5. You’re confident and ready to take risks.

You may feel more confident in yourself and your abilities, and you may be more willing to take calculated risks in pursuit of your goals.

Ultimately, only you can determine when it’s your time to shine, but these are a few potential signs that you may be on the right track. Remember that everyone’s journey is unique, and there is no one “right” way to succeed or achieve your goals. Trust yourself and keep moving forward with persistence and determination.

Dying to shine: decoding the process of taking charge

We are in a society where everything happens so fast. When you see overnight “successes” on social media or reality TV, it’s easy to want to get rich quickly or microwave success.

Over my 30 years plus of working in ministry and business, I have witnessed time and time again the tension between the desire to shine purely for self-aggrandizement or “15 minutes of fame,” as Andy Warhol would put it, and the desire for an individual to achieve a greater purpose outside of self-celebration and praise. To become more altruistic by seeking the betterment of others or the world at large rather than focusing on oneself.

It is possible to reach levels of success quickly and shine brightly. However, if one desires to shine, there are a few questions to ask oneself:

  • Will whatever you are doing help you make your mark and leave a legacy?
  • Do you care whether it will last forever?
  • Are you prepared to go through a process to shine?

Here are some tips for understanding the process:

  1. Understand your purpose—your what, why, and how.
  2. Continuously build your knowledge and skill base. Dominate your area of expertise.
  3. Be prepared for your ego to die as you evolve.
  4. Recognize that experience is a great teacher that cannot be fast-tracked.
  5. Realize that patience is a virtue.
  6. Be grateful on the road to where you are going.

Resolve that you will shine at the end. The decision to shine and how you shine is something you must make for yourself.

Takeaway: It’s your time to shine.

It is important to take charge of your life because it empowers you to create the life you want to live rather than simply going through the motions or letting circumstances control your life. When you take charge of your life, you are in control of your own destiny and can make decisions that align with your values and goals.

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