You Attract What You Are: Leadership Lessons from Interpersonal Relationships and Marriage

Be the energy you want to attract. Whether we talk about our interpersonal relationship skills, marriage, or leadership skills, this lesson is true for all aspects of our lives. There is a lot to be learned about business and leadership from relationships and marriage. In business, as well as in marriage, we need to have open communication with our team and clients. In business and in marriage, adversity is a sign that at some point we got off track with our intentions or goals.

You attract what you are: Myths that govern how we manage our interpersonal relationships

Your environment is crucial to your success. You need to commit to the people you surround yourself with the same way you commit to your goal. But you can’t commit to other people if you aren’t committed to yourself first. And you can’t commit to your team if you aren’t committed to your relationship. It’s all interconnected, which is why you need to be the energy you want to attract. This is one of the most crucial leadership lessons.

There are 5 persistent myths about marriage that we can draw business leadership lessons from:

1 “Attitude is everything in marriage.”

The major problem couples often deal with is that one spouse doesn’t always treat the other in a loving way. But the way your partner and other family members act around you is often a reflection of you.

Most leadership lessons center on one’s own attitude and energy for the same reason. Your team is a reflection of how you communicate your goals and needs with them.

You attract what you are. So instead of immediately judging the other person, ask yourself where you fell short this time. Take a closer look at yourself and take responsibility for your emotions and actions. Ask yourself, “How can I be the best partner?”

2 “Being in love and happy is the most important thing for a happy marriage.”

The most important thing in a relationship is to persevere and grow together. How can you make the relationship better every day and every year? When you pay attention to your partner’s needs and priorities, happiness is always the result. 

The inherent leadership lessons here are of similar nature: take care of your team in order to grow your business.

3 “My spouse should complete me.”

No human being is perfect, and that’s why people cannot fulfill your sense of being. You are the only person who can complete you. 

4 “My spouse falls short of my expectations.”

In every situation, there is always something you could have done differently. So it’s important to look at yourself first. As a leader, always know how to pivot when things don’t go as you envisioned instead of blaming your team.

5 “I’m the king or queen of the world.”

Every interpersonal relationship or team member is as important as the other person in it, or the leaders themselves. You should only lead as long as you are willing to serve. 

Be the energy you want to attract: life-changing leadership lessons

In each interpersonal relationship, as in marriage or business, we attract what we reflect. A strong relationship involves taking the focus off the other person when it comes to what can be done better and looking at yourself first. All problems, whether in marriage or business, can be solved with open communication. When you are aligned with your partner or team member, you can communicate better and get their perspective. 

The moment we change our perspective and look at challenges and suffering as opportunities to learn, we start to elevate. Learn how to be grateful for the lessons you learn as you go through tough phases. That’s how we win in life. 

When looking for lessons in leadership for your marriage or other relationships, keep the following in mind:

  • When facing tough times, ask yourself, “Where did I get off track in my life?” “Am I refusing to take responsibility for the situation?”
  • You have to make yourself happy first. That’s when you attract a person you can be happy with. 
  • You contribute to everything that happens in your relationship. Even when it’s not intentional, that’s still the case. After all, you attract what you are.

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