You Are the Company You Keep: Eight Types of People You Want Around You

You are the company you keep. In your journey through life, the people around you are either going to make or mar your dreams and visions. You need to carefully choose the people you surround yourself with, grow with, and succeed with.

Importance of the people you surround yourself with

Take a look at the people who are around you. Who do you have, and who do you need? You are the company you keep. There is a specific list of people you need in your life, but there is never a downside to having positive relationships. It’s okay to keep your circle small; what’s important here is to ensure a positive relationship. Let’s talk about the specific people you need in your life.

Here are powerful insights on the people you surround yourself with to lead an intentional, purposeful, and meaningful life:

1. The idea-person

Everything we have in our world today started with an idea, and then it was implemented with action. Write down your ideas, whether they are good or bad. By creating this habit, it puts you in the mindset to constantly come up with ideas. You can then decide if it is something that will work. Ideas are valuable tools that help us move forward.

2. The learner 

This is the information hound with an inquiring mind who wants to know everything. They always have all the information because they want to be smarter and share. The learner is always seeking new knowledge to grow and expand.

3. The action-taker 

These are the individuals that cannot sit still. They are busy taking action consistently. Even if their actions are misguided, they constantly redirect their actions to improve and evolve. When given the right information and direction, they take action rather than just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

4. Cheerleaders or advocates 

Cheerleaders and advocates are necessary for the success of your vision and your organization. They are happy with your success and want to know what you’re going to do next. These are the influencers that enroll in your vision and share it with the world. They will also defend you if something doesn’t go the way it should. Identify and recognize them because you want to keep them around.

5. The listener or instruction-follower

Do you find it difficult to find someone who will follow what you tell them to do? Listeners and instruction-followers are challenging to find, but offer immense value.

Even when you are the boss, it often isn’t easy to find people who do exactly what you ask of them, even when your instructions are clear. Sometimes, you need instruction-followers or robots. The values you should look for in people to fill this role are dependability and consistency. They don’t have to be the best, but they enable you to achieve your goals. It’s not what they can do, but what they do consistently.

6. Positive and chronically happy

These are the people who always find the silver lining. They are genuinely positive and always smiling. You always feel safe and supported when you come across such people. They’re upbeat and have a positive outlook, even in the most daunting times. Other people’s negative energy cannot dim their vibes. 

They influence others to be more positive and happy because their energy always wins, which keeps the overall energy up. Surround yourself with positive people, even when you choose to keep your circle small.

7. The gregarious person

This person is fond of company and hates being alone. They want to do things with others and seek group experience. When you tell them to meet you somewhere they have never been and you are running late, they will be acquainted with half the people in the room by the time you get there. They are well-connected individuals and are great “connectors,” hence making a great choice for the people you surround yourself with. 

These type of people know everyone and can put you in touch with people who can get you into places you wouldn’t normally be able to get into. They may not have a lot of skills, but they know everyone because they are naturally good at making and keeping friends.

Takeaway: You are the company you keep.

You will accomplish more in life through connections and other people than you ever will on your own. Pay attention to your circle and the people you surround yourself with. Positive people constantly strive to improve themselves; therefore, there is no downside to a positive relationship.

Positive people always possess an energy that will lift the mood in any place. Even when you wish to keep your circle small, you always need to include people who will cheer you on and be supportive in your circle.

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