Wired to Win – Everything You Seek Exists Within You

The answers you’re looking for exist in you. Everything that you need to become who you envision yourself to be, has existed inside you since birth. We’re all born with similar capabilities, the same ten fingers and ten toes, and the same set of organs. As we grow older, we may get bigger, stronger, faster in a lot of ways, and smarter. However, we are born with everything we would ever need to fulfill our purpose. 

You are wired to win, right from the beginning.

The challenge is in remembering WHO you are. When you start remembering who you are, you realize WHOSE you are, and why you were made to be the absolute best version of yourself. What is your purpose?

If you go back in time to the beginning, you’ll find it there, at the source, that it’s inside of you, not on the outside of you. Once you start connecting the dots, you’ll realize with an overwhelming sense of gratitude where and why you’re going. When you begin to realize that the answers you seek aren’t on the outside but arise from the inside, you start to tap into your true potential.

Wired to win – How to build something epic?

Be still and remember who you are. Unplug completely, spend time with loved ones, and remember WHO and WHOSE you are so you can realize your purpose and set off on your journey again. Step back to build something epic. Being well-rested and replenished allows us to return stronger.

Remember the following lessons:

  • We tend to complicate our minds and business practices. Remember, simple is powerful. Simple ideas, patterns, and processes can transform the business.
  • Thought leads to words, and words transform into action. 
  • Everything that you need, to become who you envision yourself to be, has existed in you since birth.
  • We were wired to win from the beginning. The challenge is in remembering ‘who’ you are and ‘whose’ you are.
  • Contrary to common belief, discipline results in freedom.

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