Why Balance in Life Matters: Health, Wellness, and Purpose

There is no balance in life without our purpose. When you walk in your purpose, it vibrates throughout the world. You need to discover your purpose and walk in it constantly. But to have proper balance in life, we need to work equally on our purpose, health, and wellness. When transformation happens, the vibration of your purpose changes. 

Compare your Christmas tree to your body. Each part of the tree represents a part of your body that you need to work on if you want to remain healthy.

The branches of the Christmas tree are your bones. 

Brittle bones and muscles are the start of illness in the body. You need to strengthen your bones by challenging your body. You can lift weights to keep your muscles strong. It doesn’t have to be the largest weight in the room. You can lift medium weights and carry them from one side of the gym to the other. 

Strength training, balance, and meditation are essential to improving your health. Balance in life starts with the branches of the tree. 

The lights on your Christmas tree are your energy or purpose. 

The energy you bring into a room is essential. We all have creative beauty within us that shines through our purpose. To find balance in life, we must find and walk in our purpose every day. 

The star on the tree represents your spirituality. 

Spirituality is vital. It is a critical part of your life and health. You have to be intentional about your decision to improve your life. Search your house and get rid of what is not serving you. Balance in life is only obtainable if you are willing to do the work. 

Finding balance in life

Finding balance in life is key to living a healthy life. The most important decisions you will ever make are about your health and wellness. Remember that improving your health is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. The world is constantly changing, so you need to continue learning and growing. And always walk in your purpose.

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