What is Perseverance? How to Persevere in Life to Reach Success

What is perseverance? Unfortunately, people easily quit on their goals, dreams, and resolutions because they don’t know. Only 9% of Americans finish New Year’s Resolutions, and 91% quit. Most people have given up on a dream at some point in life. Most times, it’s because people don’t know how to persevere through the challenges we face in life. Going up to 2023, we all have our goals and resolutions mapped out, but we need the strength and motivation to keep going because the road ahead will get tough at some point. 

Trevor Houston discussed the 9 things you can do instead of quitting.

Instead Of Giving Up, Take A Break: 

When things don’t go as planned, take a break. Detach yourself from your goal, refresh your brain with new perspectives, and reconnect to your goals.

Get Advice: 

When something isn’t working, get advice from an expert rather than quitting. Sometimes you are too close to the trees to see the forest. Get advice from the right person.

Always Learn: 

If you are trying to hit a goal and nothing is working, it’s time to sit and learn. What is perseverance if not focusing on the next thing to learn? Always seek out knowledge, and upgrade your skill. Then you can take action on what you learn.

Try To Develop A New Plan: 

It may be time to take a new approach. Do not give up too soon. Understand and identify when things are not working.

Try A Little Harder: 

What is perseverance? Not giving up. The truth is everyone thinks they are working hard. The solution to your challenge might be to double down on your effort. The most successful people employ these tactics.

Rekindle Your Motivation: 

Get motivated. Involve yourself in productive activities to help boost your motivation. How to rekindle your motivation:

  • Create a visual board.
  • Visualize yourself being successful.
  • Make a list of all the benefits you will have when you are accomplished.
  • Get someone to help you get motivated.

Determine Why You Want To Give Up In The First Place: 

Before you start:

  1. Plan out why you would give up in the first place.
  2. Think of how to persevere when faced with those things.
  3. Devise a list of solutions you can turn to when about to give up.

Get Support: 

Even the strongest break down sometimes. Everyone needs encouragement from time to time. Nobody is an island. Lean on your friends and loved ones for emotional support.

Tweak, Set A New Target For Yourself: 

We are all fans of dreaming big and wanting to 10x our goals, but the fact is that it’s not possible when you are taking on more than what you can handle. It’s important to go big but ensure it’s attainable so you can achieve your goals without quitting.

Things to Remember

It is always important to recharge the battery and do what you must to get ahead. Keep going if you want to take your life to the next level. Get acquainted with the skill of learning how to deal effectively with the urge to quit. Dream, get up, and make your dream a reality by going all in, doing the work, and putting things in place. Do not give up. Get up

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