What Does Leadership in the Business World Mean?

What does leadership in the business world mean? As you continue to run your business, you will be faced with opportunities to show yourself and your employees the kind of leader you are. But, how you interact with those who work for you will affect workflow, communication, and overall production. 

What is Leadership in Bussiness? 

Do you remember being told that you can be anything you put your mind to? While it’s a nice catchphrase, it isn’t always true. If a child decides that he/she/they want to be a pterodactyl, no amount of coaxing, coaching, encouragement, or training will ever transform them into a flying reptile. 

Leadership is not just about encouraging others to pursue big dreams. It’s about showing them how to use imagination to create something new. It is a never-ending pursuit to get the best out of yourself and others. 

Hiring the right people

Leadership can be hidden in plain sight when hiring the right people. 

Candidates may often highlight job titles on a resume but may overlook the special something that they bring to the table. Having a 3 step interview process can draw this out in prospective employees, giving insight into how they think and handle high-pressure situations before onboarding.

Personality clashes can derail production

You cannot create creativity. Your job is to lead your company by focusing on your strengths. And hiring the right people to put it all together for you. You cannot make people get along. There are real conflicts in the workplace. You will have different personality types and different integrity levels. Keep a cool head but know when to fire. 

Hire people who can see what you can’t. 

You cannot control your people; you may want to, but you can’t. Hire ambitious, hardworking, sacrificial people who don’t mind babysitting to have everyone keep their commitments. 

You can’t please everyone. 

Accept that some may not favor you; otherwise, you may struggle to lead your team. Leadership is daunting, and it can be hard to push through tough times. Everything isn’t personal. 

The environment you create does not dictate the attitude they walk in. It can be frustrating to face the fact that even though you pour into the team, you will still get complaints. Your dynamic work culture won’t work out for everyone, and you have to be ok with that.  

Putting it all together

So, what does leadership in the business world mean? It means leading by example and allowing employees to step up, giving you the ability to move the business forward. Real leadership is demanding; you cannot shoulder everything. 
Watching numbers, minding the P&L statements, sacrificing to make payroll, and focusing on ad spend, all while running out to buy the Christmas decorations, is too much to carry. The silo of business is not linear. Hire your weakness, delegate accordingly and seek out high-level experts in the areas where you need help

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