We Are Who We Are: Our Life Experience Shapes Us

Everyone has their own experience with life, and this concept is universal. The term “life experience” might mean different things to different people. However, knowing and discovering things for yourself, the people around you, and your world is the essence of life experience. Life has a wide range of variations, including the good and the bad, the joyful and the sad, the exciting and the uninteresting.

We are who we are: our life experience shapes us.

You determine who you are today and what you will be tomorrow due to your life experiences. Experience can help us learn how to deal with challenging circumstances, what makes people happy, or why some of our decisions are poor.

We are who we are. It’s an undisputed fact that life we’re leading at present is the sum of our past events, beliefs and conditioning. The things we did and refused to do, in addition to the actions we did take and beliefs we ingrained, contributed to the life we are living now.

Realizing the importance of our life lessons.

More importantly, your life in the next ten years will reflect what you are doing now. You can get a good idea of what will happen in the future if you look at your current activities, daily routine, plans, and long-term strategies for success.

Everyone has a moment in life that changes their trajectory. For some, it is the death of a loved one, a change in jobs or environments, or a change in habits or lifestyle. For others, it can be self-motivation or a consciously implemented change in pursuit of a goal that matters to them. 

Everyone has a notion or belief about who they are; this is their self-image. To feel secure and comfortable, it is undoubtedly desirable to have a strong sense of identity.

Utilizing your life experience to add value to others’ lives

We learn empathy and compassion for others through lessons learnt in life. Some lessons can help us relate better with others. When you see someone going through a difficult situation that you have experienced before, you tend to develop compassion for them and subsequently want to help them combat it. Because of your own experience, you are more self-aware and understand their pains and struggles from a personal standpoint. 

Our life experience can help us pick up new abilities and build a better life for ourselves and others. This unique way of learning comes from expediency. We are who we are, yet when faced with challenges beyond our capabilities, we tend to upgrade our skills and pick new lessons that help us scale in life.  

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