Plan Your Day to Make an Impact on the World

We all want to make an impact on the world. But most people don’t because they do not use their time correctly. But before spending time setting a calendar, think about how you begin and end your day. Your morning and bedtime routines are already making an impact on your success. So, set your goals and plan your day accordingly. 

Show me your 24hrs routine, and I’ll tell you how successful you will be. What you do before sleep matters as much as what you do when you wake up. Your day starts the night before. To have an effective day, you must prepare for it before sleeping. 

How you start your day is how you end it. That is why having a morning routine is key to transformational change. Day by day, your morning routine helps you erase the limiting beliefs that hold you back from being the best version of yourself. If you are determined to stick to a morning routine, you have to be prepared to overcome a major obstacle: your smartphone.

Your morning and evening routines make an impact on your success.

The whole day’s schedule can be derailed by simply stepping out of your routine. You must set your body in motion for success at each point. You must be doing things that take you a step closer at each end. We can make the best time of ourselves if we make the best use of our time in the day. Everyone has the same 24hrs in a day. What differentiates us is what we do with our 24hrs.

When starting a day, make it a priority to be intentional with your time. Dedicate time for each task. Let your dream be so big that it doesn’t leave a space for you to be caught slacking. What would Jeff Bezos, Barrack Obama, and Bill Gates do if they were committed to what you have?

Start by putting your smartphone away.

In 1993, IBM released the first smartphone. That was also the year when Nelson Mandela won the Nobel Prize, Bill Clinton became the president of the United States, and the year Beanie Babies went on sale, later becoming a global phenomenon. And part of the reason they became a global phenomenon is that the internet became open to everyone that same year. Ever since the internet became a thing, companies have tested different ways to use it for influence. Fast forward to 2023, and the smartphone is the most influential device we’ve ever had.

Make an impact: set your smartphone away when you set your goals and work toward them. Billions of people around the world use their phones first thing in the morning. They put their inner needs aside and take their phone to see what’s happening in the world outside. But here’s the thing: We are not prepared to interact with the outside world before we have taken care of the inner one. 

There are always things that happen outside of your control. The first hour of the day is the only time you have control over. Once you have gone through your morning routine, you can enter the outside world with the mindset of a victor. A morning routine is how you make an impact. If you want to tap into the willpower and strength that God put in you, you need to keep a consistent daily routine. 

Set your goals for maximum impact.

Don’t mistake ambition for greed. Let your purpose be about making an impact in your world, making the lives of people around you better, and leaving the world better than you left it. You can focus on making an impact when you set your goals correctly each day. Prioritize impact over money. Let purposeful action and overall impact be your driving force.

Plan your day to make an impact. 

What would you do for free if money was not involved? The answer to this question will reflect on what will matter to you. Focus on these things and strive to be the best in them; money will come from it.

Most successful entrepreneurs didn’t start out hoping to make generational wealth from it. They started out intending to create an impact and improve people’s life.

The Takeaway: Making an impact on the world.

What journey do you set people on when you enter their life? Do you make their life better, more inspired, meaningful? Let the answer be one of your quests in life; always look out for others. 

Plan your day to maximize your impact on others. Let your 24hrs be meaningfully spent so that when you look back at the end of the day and in years to come, you will make an impact on the world. 

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