Using Positive Self Talk to Grow: “The Words We Speak Become The House We Live In”

You are what you believe yourself to be, but with positive self talk you can position yourself to be the best version of yourself. Where we are in life is often a result of how we talk to ourselves. We hold ourselves back when we drown in negative self talk. By talking to ourselves in positive and actionable steps, we can set ourselves up for success.

Our past reflects our present.

Where you have been is part of your journey because you have anchored yourself to what you believe in. The words we speak become the house we live in, and they become the energy and emotion surrounding us. Hold on and figure out where you need support and where you can give help. Prioritize your health mentally and physically.

Use your purpose to plan your goals.

Define your reality with the words you speak by using positive self talk. Have your goals and dreams in place. Realize that things happen in seasons. Where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow. What do you want to create? It takes time and patience to make anything of value. 

Be careful of the words you use.

Communication is essential, and our words can affect people. Refine your skillset of how you speak to others. The words you use with others often reflect the words you use when talking to yourself.

Don’t give up; reflect and pivot but always move forward.

Don’t quit. When things get tough, stay the course because it can take away from achieving your goal. Become obsessed with what you want to achieve. Have persistence because it doesn’t recognize failure. Pivoting is not quitting. It is finding the way forward.

Talking to yourself can help you boost self-awareness.

When we are self-aware, we can be whatever we want to be. You walk in your purpose when you know who you are deep down inside. Focus on the being so you can move into the doing.

Give yourself permission. 

Authorize yourself to go after what you already desire. Your purpose comes from a source more significant than you. Know you are worthy. Our external world is a reflection of our inner world. Claim what you desire and believe it to be true. Dress the part. If you want to be the boss, then dress like the boss. Think it, feel it, and live it. The world reflects what we have inside so build yourself up with positive self talk. 

Define your “house” through positive self talk.

  1. Authorize yourself. Don’t wait on others to give you permission.
  2. Let go of “small-itis.” Don’t play out of ego but of a greater worthiness.
  3. Walk in the assumption, and it will be.
  4. Discover your genius and leverage it. 
  5. Sharpen the skills you want to elevate and cultivate. 
  6. Choose your tribe. Notice who you spend your time with and who you listen to.
  7. Have a plan for your vision, goals, and what you want to create.
  8. Invest, don’t spend. Everything must be an investment to reach your goal.
  9. Create a stop-doing list. Stop doing the things that aren’t serving you.  
  10. Aim for success goals, not stress goals. When we are operating from a place of lack, it causes stress. If you are anchored and aligned, you will achieve what you desire.

The takeaway: Let go of negative self talk to reach your goals.

When you are clear in your goals, anchor yourself to them. How you speak to others can affect them, so develop your speaking skillset. Let go of things that aren’t moving you toward your goal. We walk in our purpose when we are self-aware. Build your identity through positive self talk to allow yourself to grow. You have a purpose; don’t let negative self talk keep you from it.

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