Unlock Personal Growth: How to Overcome Resistance to Change

Resistance to change can be the biggest hurdle to personal growth or success in business. Ask yourself: “Do I have more to give than you offer this world?” Chances are that the answer is a resounding yes. This makes it necessary for us to work on overcoming our inherent resistance to change.

Overcoming resistance to change: Why do we despise change?

Most of us have problems realizing our true potential, and the reason for that is resistance. How do we overcome the different forms of resistance that we all face? 

First, you need to understand what causes the resistance to show up in your life. According to Steven Pressfield in Do The Work, the activities that are most likely to elicit resistance include:

  1. The pursuit of any calling in writing, painting, music, film, dance, etc.
  2. The launch of any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise.
  3. A diet or health plan.
  4. Any program of spiritual advancement or personal growth.
  5. An activity whose aim is the acquisition of chiseled abdominals.
  6. A course or program designed to overcome a harmful habit or addiction.
  7. Education of every kind.
  8. An act of political, moral, or ethical courage.
  9. The undertaking of any enterprise or endeavor whose aim is to help others.
  10. An act that requires a heartfelt commitment, such as the decision to marry or have a child.
  11. Any act that rejects immediate gratification 

Overcoming resistance to change to realize your true potential

Resistance exists to distract us and prevent us from fulfilling our true potential. It prevents us from doing our work and achieving our goals. It is a natural force. The more important your mission or calling, the more resistance you will feel toward pursuing it. But here’s the thing: If you are facing some form of resistance, this is a positive sign that you are headed in the right direction. Why? Because resistance always targets the unique gift we have that no one else has. 

Unlock personal growth: Face your resistance fearlessly

But if you face resistance head-on, you lift its power over you. We overcome resistance to change by learning how to accept it. As Gabrielle Bernstein once said, “The instant we realign with love, the Universe responds powerfully.” When we celebrate others for their big breakthroughs, for example, the universe receives our energy and responds positively. Where there is love, there is no fear. All of us lack courage at times. So we have to intentionally choose love and courage instead of compromise and fear.

Takeaway: Conquering your resistance to change

As you look back at all you’ve achieved this year, ask yourself: In what ways did you overcome resistance to change over the last year? In what ways did you fail? What dreams have you left undone? What love have you left unexpressed? Do you want to leave these things undone for 2023 as well? 

Remember, resistance is what prevents us from realizing our full potential. The stronger the call toward fulfilling our purpose, the more resistance we face. We can never remove resistance entirely, but we can outsmart it. We have to intentionally find the courage within ourselves to overcome resistance and unlock our personal growth journey.

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