The Significance of Guest Experience: Understanding The Mission And Algorithm Of Airbnb Business

Kareen Mills, an Airbnb super host, shares the significance of the guest experience. Airbnb’s mission is centered around the customer’s comfort. The expectation is that customers will be amazed whenever they walk into an Airbnb. An Airbnb has to be aesthetically beautiful because that will make the guests stay worthwhile and give room for future business.

A photo says a thousand words and the Airbnb algorithm is listening.

Before you can boast about offering the best customer service or guest experience, you have to get booked. To get booked, you must show up on the app for people to see. This is where understanding the Airbnb algorithm is vital. 

Airbnb utilizes an algorithm that measures the pictures used on each listing. The algorithm tracks pictures and ranks them based on quality. Professional quality images rank higher than photos that appear blurry, dark, or don’t capture all of the Airbnb. Therefore you have to use a good camera and get all the angles of the Airbnb to reveal the utmost beauty of it. 

Enhancing the guest experience.

Another way to increase visibility on your Airbnb is to go all out for your guests. If there is an issue, don’t just ignore it. Take responsibility, even if it is not your fault that the problem arose. You are the business owner, so it is up to you to ensure your guests are happy! Buy your guests dinner, offer a free night, or tickets to an event. Do everything you can to make it up. Airbnb closely monitors your response rate and reviews, so one bad incident can stop you from getting to super host. 

How to become an Airbnb super host.

  • You have to have a 96% or 98% review.
  • Overall, 4.8-star ratings.
  • Cancellation is less than 1%
  • 90% Response rate
  • 10 complete stays.

Finally, the Airbnb business is all about guaranteeing your customer’s an excellent guest experience. Don’t focus on making money. Your mission as a super host should be focused on the guest and their stay at your Airbnb.

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