Emotional Mastery: Understanding and Healing Your Emotional Triggers to Take Control of Your Life

Emotional triggers are a part of life that none of us can escape. They can happen unexpectedly and leave us feeling reactive and out of control. But understanding our emotional triggers can be incredibly powerful and help us achieve emotional mastery and take control of our lives.

Understanding emotional triggers: decode your trauma trigger

Emotional triggers often have roots in past experiences and memories. Still, in a particular moment, we may justify them as caused by the current situation. However, by getting curious and taking the time to understand each emotional trauma trigger, we can gain valuable insight into ourselves and the areas of our lives that need to be addressed.

When we become emotionally triggered, we often react in a way that is not proportionate to the situation. This is because our brains go into “fight or flight” mode, a survival mechanism that doesn’t allow us to see things clearly. Emotional sensitivities can manifest in various ways – externally, through our actions and words, or internally, through feelings and thoughts.

Healing emotional triggers to take charge of your life

It’s important to remember that emotions are neither good nor bad; they simply tell us what needs to be dealt with. It becomes destructive when we make decisions based on our trauma triggers without taking the time to understand them. 

  1. Practice self-compassion.

To understand and heal each trauma trigger, we must have self-compassion. We need to give ourselves space to address the parts of ourselves that feel flawed and examine the initial traumas and limiting beliefs holding us back.

  1. Maintain a journal.

One way to become more aware of our traumas is to keep a journal and start identifying patterns. Could you write down the situations that cause you to be the most upset and throw you off balance? We should also take the time to understand where our triggers come from and examine the voices that may have once been external but have now become internal.

  1. Reprogram your beliefs.

Reprogramming negative beliefs about ourselves is also crucial to healing our emotional triggers. We must examine what we believe about ourselves and what keeps us stuck stuckstuck in life. It’s important to substitute negative beliefs with positive, more realistic ones. We can also act as if we already believe in positive beliefs, even if we don’t fully believe in them. 

Takeaway: Understanding and healing from traumas

Healing our emotional triggers is a journey that requires time and self-reflection. By understanding our triggers and their roots, reprogramming negative beliefs, and practising self-compassion, we can learn to respond instead of react and take control of our triggering emotions.

Remember, if you don’t heal your traumas, you will carry them with you in everything you do and every interaction you have.

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