Uncover Your Authentic Self by Working Together

It’s important to embrace your authentic self. Many people are attracted to shiny objects, sweet talk, and great lives on social media. But sometimes you have to sit down and ask yourself, “Is it real or fake?” Not everything on social media is real; some of it is made-up and created by people who act like everything is okay when it isn’t. The key to digging out the truth is working together and discovering your authentic self.

Uncover your authentic self

Take your time when you find news online – a chance to invest, an opening, or a call for something. Research it and ask people about it – trust the judgment of people you know are knowledgeable about the topic. Remember to pause and look at it from all perspectives. Know that success leaves unquestionable proof, and lies leave footprints. 

When many hands come together, the light will shine brighter, revealing all the blurry parts you might not have been able to see alone. But at the same time, don’t invest too much so that if things don’t go as planned, it won’t bite you!

On the other hand, if you are curating shiny objects and a great life on social media, again, ask yourself: do you need to keep up with this highlight reel, or can you give yourself the permission to be yourself?

Why it’s important to be your true self?

When you start to feel like your life is a lie, or that you must show up with a bright smile even when you truly are at your breaking point, you need to check yourself. The concept of “fake it till you make it” has us all mixed up and confused about our own true identity. While it is easy to hide the truth or lie to the world, you cannot lie to yourself. 

Know that you are not always who you pretend to be. So be careful when that pretense starts to eat you up inside. It is worse when you are the perpetrator of this lie. So don’t fake things by living beyond your means and overusing your credit cards. Be your authentic self fearlessly; don’t feel the need to show up and impress. You can surround yourself with big names, but don’t pretend to be one of them. You should never have to question your authenticity.  

Takeaway: Being your authentic self

The key is to avoid faking it until you make it. When you try to act as if you’ve made it, things will become unbalanced. The key to being your authentic self is to know that it’s okay to be imperfect and that you can always work toward stepping up your game. You need to see it, believe it, walk in it, and graduate from it to become it. 

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