Transform Your Life: How to Create a Life Well Lived

If you wish to live a life above average, you need to transform your life and craft a life well lived. Contrary to common belief, transformation does not take a long time; it happens in an instant. It’s the change in mindset and perspective that takes time to cultivate.

The blind man who got his eyes opened after the application of mud would say that it occurred in an instant. What takes time is having patience with God to make the mud. God never intended for us to lead ordinary, mediocre lives. He created us to be the best and to live a life worthy of the calling. He made us so we could create a life that extends above and beyond the norm.

How to live a life worthy of the calling?

Living an average life can be comforting to a man who lacks the desire to be more, but you don’t want to be that person. Being average can feel good on some levels, but becoming extraordinary and creating a life well lived feels better. 

It would help if you learned to avoid everything that an average person does that satisfies them on their level. Their view of life, what they spend their money on, and how they live should never be a part of your life if you want it to be extraordinary.

Investigate the madness of what they do and mentally combat it. Find the flaws in their lives, then consider how you would fix them and how you would go differently. Your objective in bringing this shift in viewpoint is to consider any average trait or pursuit as not being worth your time, energy, or effort.

Create a life well lived by leaving behind an impactful legacy 

It would be best if you did something profound with your life, not something average or ordinary, but something extraordinary. You can decide to loiter around while complaining about life’s circumstances that made you fail, but it won’t help you. Every failure and unsuccessful person has an excuse for their situation. 

If you also look deep enough, you will find an excuse to be average, but you don’t need to give in to this temptation. Find your singular reason for being successful and cling hard to it. Live a life worthy of the calling; look for ways to create a lasting impact and a legacy that will help others lead a purposeful life.

Transform your life: Believe in possibilities and abundance.

Decide that you will go through life with a spirit of excellence, detesting every symptom of failure or averageness. Develop the mindset of possibility and abundance. Becoming your best version should be your goal. There is awesomeness in becoming the best; strive to taste this, and you will never want to return to being average. 

There are obvious signs that make someone an average person; your duty as someone aiming for excellence is to study those signs and mistakes and avoid them. Do not be content with just being comfortable, but rather embrace excellence and live an extraordinary life. Aspire to create a life well lived.

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