Transform Your Life With The Morning Five 2023 Planner 

Adopting the “800% lifestyle” with the help of The Morning Five Planner helps you transform your life with consistent action towards your goals. 

Thanksgiving was great at the Lundys’, and hopefully it was great for you too. Glenn’s oldest daughter visited for Thanksgiving, and he also spent time with his friend Richard Slay. Richard is a tattoo artist. So out of nowhere, Glenn got an “800%” tattoo on his arm yesterday. There was laughter, conversation, and a healthy debate at Glenn’s house yesterday. It was also the official launch of the Morning 5 Planner yesterday night. 

The Morning Five 2023 Planner helps you transform your life

The Morning Five Planner is not just an ordinary planner. The Morning 5 has been a crucial part of Glenn’s purpose for a while now. When you get this planner for yourself, your family, and friends, you also become a part of a community all around the world. So the planner doesn’t just enable you to bookend and keep track of your days but also to transform your life. 

Many people have asked Glenn if he can make a digital version of the planner, but he has refused. Why? Because in a world where everything is easily accessible, we need to create a space in our lives for a transformation to take place. Transformation requires a conscious effort. That is why the planner is big and bulky.

Four years ago, Glenn quit his job. He was the general manager of a growing dealership when he decided to quit. By the time he left, he had done the “#RiseandGrind” show for ten months already. So he asked himself, “Now what?” This is where his friend Michael Kerrigan advised Glenn to create a planner. Thirty days later, Glenn launched the first planner. They had no clue what they were doing when they launched that first morning planner. They didn’t know anything about funnel marketing, shipping, etc. All they knew was that they had a community that needed this tool to grow and track their progress. Over the last four years, the planners have completely transformed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. How crazy is that!

How to transform your life with The Morning Five 2023 Planner

The planner has now become legacy work. Yesterday, Glenn got his “800%” tattoo, not as a sign of a brand but as a sign of a lifestyle: a lifestyle where we go all in and do not settle for a 100% life. You have it in you as well. Take action, and go all in! Never be satisfied, always be grateful.

Here are some ways to transform your life this coming year: 

  • We live in a world of easy access, but transformation takes conscious effort. 
  • We need to make space in our lives for transformation.
  • “800%” is not a brand but a lifestyle: a lifestyle where we go all in and don’t settle for less.
  • Always be grateful, but never be too content to stay in the place you are. Aim to grow.
  • You can now get your 2023 Morning 5 Planner with 20% off here.

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