The World Does Not Owe You Understanding!

The definition of “understanding” is “being sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; being tolerant, and forgiving”. Understanding is not a bad thing. You can be understanding, tolerant and forgiving. However, the world does not owe you this. You are not entitled to it. It is a privilege, not a right. 

The world doesn’t owe you understanding

Nobody cares about your situation. You may have people in your life that genuinely care, like your mom, grandma, children, and significant others, but they are few. People only care about how your situation personally affects them. When you owe the bank money, do they care about your situation? No, they just want their money. They don’t care what you have going on in your life. “WIIFM” stands for “What’s in it for Me”? When you produce results, that is when people will care

People only care about the results you produce. They may not like you and may not agree with you. They only care about what you are doing for them. What results are you producing? Take Lebron James as an example. Lebron only signed one-year contracts because he bet on himself. He was betting on himself because he knew he was going to produce, so he knew he would get more contracts. He was able to set his own price and his own terms because he was able to get results from his performance. Everything is about the results. When you produce value, you can dictate your price to the world.

Results matter for creating wealth

Nobody cares about your feelings, they only care about results. You get paid for the results. The definition of wealth is creating what people want and turning it into money. If you have the right answer to the wrong question, people will pay for the answers. Figure out who you want to serve, what results they want, and how you can help them achieve them. When you can figure this out, perform consistently, and produce the results, you will be able to create wealth. 

How to be result-driven?

Life is a result-based business. Here are a few lessons to remember:

  • Nobody really cares about your situation, but what results you can create for them.
  • Today’s world has really done so many people a disservice by assuming that their feelings and emotions matter more than performance or results.
  • Scale up your performance, meet deadlines, and achieve your goals.
  • Focus on the outcomes of your daily activities.

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