The Scarcity Mindset Trap: How to Use Discernment to Achieve Success

by Dre Baldwin

All too often, people fall into the trap of operating from a scarcity mindset. Operating from a scarcity mindset results in feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety and can cause you to limit yourself through your beliefs and actions. 

By tapping into discernment, you can focus on the areas where you may be thinking with a scarcity mindset so that you can shift out of scarcity and into abundance.

Mind Your Business and Unlock Your Potential: The Role of Discernment in Overcoming a Scarcity Mindset

If you believe you are above the level that people are asking you to perform at, you will not be able to convince them to change. What does it mean to mind your business? It means always to be thinking about and being active within your business. Discernment is a skill; you need to know how to use your wisdom when information is in conflict.

Focus on the activities that will bring your business to the next level, and save time on activities that will not improve your business. 

Discernment is a skill; you need to know how to use your wisdom when information is in conflict. Your knowledge is understanding what to listen to and when to apply it. What did I not understand before that I see now? This skill will allow you to see what you should have known from the beginning and should have followed. In life, you can look at any book but how you apply the knowledge is up to you. 

The power of discernment: 3 scarcity mindsets that might be holding you back

In order to operate without the scarcity mindset, you need to know when to work on something that you can improve on and when to walk away: 

Scarcity of opportunity

Having the discipline to get out of an opportunity when it is not for you is an obligation to yourself. The longer you stay, you are doing yourself a disservice. It is best to avoid building a case to convince people of your value. Move on and find the people that are going to pay you. Discerning what is or is not an opportunity for you is crucial to your success.

You learn how to draw lines when your mind is on your business. Save time in deliberation so you can avoid the feeling of resentment that you accepted less. So many people make the mistake of going on their emotions that another opportunity will not present itself, so they take anything. You didn’t mind your business if you let emotion control you. 

Scarcity of time

Time is our most valuable asset. If you run out of time, the game is over, and you cannot get it back. If you are not where you want it to be, look at what you are doing with your time. Examine every aspect of your life, discerning how you are using your time. Document your time by writing it down every 15 min., allowing yourself to see where your time is going.

Most people value money more than time. When you run out of time, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. People waste time trying to get more information and money and find the right people. They are focusing on the wrong thing. You could be more efficient using your time wisely, producing more output from the resources you have. 

The dichotomy of a scarcity mindset

You must develop the discernment to take the time to work on what you should be working on instead of what you shouldn’t. Learn to let go of working on something you should because it is not benefitting you. People tend to walk away from what they are doing because they need to get the desired results that they aren’t getting. It is because they are wasting time using resources that aren’t required.

Takeaway: Use discernment to break free from the scarcity mindset

To operate without the scarcity mindset, you need to know when to work on something that you can improve on and when to walk away. By developing your discernment, you will know when to say yes or no to things and people. Our judgment improves by making mistakes, and we sharpen our skills over time by sharpening our knowledge. The more you make mistakes, we learn what not to do again, and the better you can mind your business.

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