Why Your Story Can Help Others: The Power of Storytelling

Everyone’s story is unique, and yet every story has the power to help others. Your story matters. But what is your story? Dr. Seuss – Theodore Van Geisel, from his book – Happy Birthday to you, said, ‘Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

The intriguing part of this quote is that regardless of how much we know we are unique, the quote hits differently. Fear, pain, joy, happiness, sadness, and desire all mean the same thing. However, each of them is different for YOU. 

You respond differently to events regardless of how many people attend. You interpret things differently. That is why your story matters. You’re mistaken if you think, ‘Nah – it does not matter.’

What is your story?

What is your story? After reading this quote, reflect on your story. Your story is alive; it is not a resume or document filled with accomplishments and certifications. It is not a paper that lists where you have worked and how many promotions you got. 

Your story is about what you learned, what you experienced, and how you responded to it. It is about the events you had to go through to get those certifications. Your story is about the times you were called ‘lazy’ or the times you were praised for a job well done. Though you cannot add these parts to your resume, you should include them in your story because your story matters, and it can help others.

Why your story matters.

1 It can help you: 

The first reason your story matters is that it can transform you. You can grow when you know your story and learn from it. If you forget about it, you cannot grow. Your story can either make or mar you, depending on how you learn from it. 

2 It can help others: 

Secondly, your story can transform another person’s life. Your story matters because it can help others. Many great people don’t speak a lot or sell many products; all they do is tell their stories, and their lives are changed. Tell your story. 

3 It makes you memorable: 

Finally, you will be remembered more for your achievements than when you blabber about your skills and accomplishments. Your story is what connects people to you and your values. 

The takeaway: 

Your story matters. You have the most incredible story to tell. What is your story? Go back to your history and mine the stories that make you who you are Today. Create an inventory of yourself. Be bold and talk about what you had to go through to become who you are. That is your power. These are the stories that help others. 

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