The Power of Prayer: 3 Simple Ways to Live Consciously in 2023

Conscious living entails being aware of and attentive to our thoughts, feelings, and actions by being in the present moment. It requires us to be mindful of our surroundings, and the impact our thoughts, behaviors, and choices have on ourselves and others.

Live consciously to make the most of the year.

We are 10 days into the new year, and everyone has their resolutions written down. Most people are actively working to make changes to their lives. They go to work and have meetings, create schedules, and show up, but how often do people create time for family? When did you play with your kids without experiencing guilt about work? Have you taken time for yourself lately? The question is not about death—it has never been about death. It is about when you plan to start living. 

Life happens so fast, and if you are not conscious of the things that are happening around you, you would go through life without actually living. So, while you’re working hard to build the life you want; while you’re going to work, meeting deadlines, networking, and achieving the financial freedom you want, don’t forget that life can end at any time, so take time to pause and enjoy the little things.

The power of prayer for mindful living

The master key you can hold in your hands while on your journey to living is “prayer.” It is the one thing that can move mountains and make the impossible possible. When you don’t know what to do, pray. When you don’t know what steps to take, pray. When it gets confusing, pray. When you feel like it’s all coming down, pray. After you have prayed, hold on to your faith. There are three steps that help you live consciously:

  1. Pray: The power of prayer can’t be underestimated. Corporate prayers work wonders, so don’t be scared to close your eyes collectively with others to make things happen. 
  2. Hold on to your faith. Even if you want to give up, don’t. You are important, and your presence is needed. Let go of limiting beliefs and hold on to your faith.
  3. Wait when things don’t seem to go as planned. Be patient, because God’s timing is the best.

If you have these aspects of conscious living settled in your heart, you would be making waves and, most importantly, you would be LIVING. So go into the new year with these keys in your hand. Don’t lose it, and don’t forget that no matter how hard you work, if it is not placed in the right hands—God’s hands—it is not going anywhere. 

Don’t just live; live consciously.

Being intentional about leading a conscious life helps foster better relationships with others by improving your empathy and understanding. When people are more self-aware, they are able to communicate better with others and understand other perspectives

Living consciously can result in a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in one’s life, leading to greater happiness and overall well-being. 

Ask yourself the following questions when trying to live consciously and channel the power of prayer:

  • Are you living your dream? The question is not “are you alive?” but “are you living the life you wanted to?”
  • God will not give you a dream you cannot achieve, so are you living your dream? 
  • It’s tough; things will be tough oftentimes, especially if you are challenging yourself to grow. 
  • You cannot continue to expand unless you attach what you are doing to something bigger.
  • Motivation and inspiration come from intention and purpose.

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