The Miracles of Life Are All Around You: How to Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Witness Greatness

When you are aware of the world around you, you open yourself up to the miracles that happen every day. If everyone expects instant success, they will miss the miracles that occur every day called progress and development. 

To understand how miracles happen, you must first open yourself up to be aware of your surroundings. Use all of your senses to be present. Most people do not believe in the wonders that happen every day, because they are unaware of the world around them. You allow negativity to build up in your mind, body, and soul when you are not present. Disease, anxiety, and illness develop from negative behavior.

You must be aware of faith to witness a miracle. 

Miracles do not exist without faith. Having faith means you believe in something you can’t see. When you believe in an “all-knowing source” to guild you, you can facilitate your own progress and practice, which is your miracle.

Two things we need for miracles are faith and access. 

  • When you have faith, you believe in things you can’t see. 
  • Access is our understanding that we can facilitate our miracles. 

If you don’t have faith in yourself, your business, or the world, you can’t expect anyone else to have it. It is a practice. The more you have faith in the wonderous things happen around you.

Facilitating the miracles in your life

A miracle’s oneness exists not only in the receiving but also in the giving to others. Ask through appreciation. Micro-miracles allow us to give, receive and witness the progress, development, and inspiration that surrounds us daily. They allow us to welcome the miracles in the giving, receiving, and witnessing.

How to facilitate the miracles around you through giving, receiving, and witnessing:

1 Be a giver:

As a giver, you will receive the dose every day, creating a biochemical reaction that provides us health and happiness.

2 Be a receiver:

As you receive, it causes an ease in the system, creating the biochemical reaction that provides health and happiness. Make yourself happy by giving, receiving, and witnessing. 

3 Have faith:

As someone with faith, do not interfere in what can’t always be seen. When you use judgment negatively, you will feel resentful, angry, or frustrated, which puts us in the wrong trajectory and creates interference. Inspiration allows us to move in the right direction. Clear the interference so you can live in abundance.

4 Be aware of different perspectives:

Invoke the power of perspective. This allows you to experience gratitude and find the light, love, and lessons in everything you do, accelerating the miracles.

5 Reach out and bring in:

Build a community of people. Spread the love around. When we share the experience of oneness, we create the most viral way to empower a happy, healthy, and inspired life.  

The Takeaway: Be the miracle to someone else.

Who can we help to experience the miracles every day? Learn the law of truth and potential and use it every day. Accomplishment, development, and inspiration are what we give and are our gifts to all. Giving, receiving, and witnessing are the law. Be aware of this law; be aware of your surroundings, and you will witness daily miracles. 

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