The Logical Approach: The 5 Pillars of Logical Thinking 

Logical thinking can help you navigate any situation proactively, so you don’t “react” emotionally. Here are four steps to teach you how to logically handle situations and overcome challenges you face. 

1 Get curious

Pause and reconsider what is missing from a specific situation. Logical thinking means processing what is happening before you jump to a reaction. When you are in an argument with someone or you face a problem, you need to pause and ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation.

2 Map it out

Slow down your actions and consider the data you have on the situation. When you take action without considering the data, you might miss valuable opportunities or bring the wrong energy into your space. This second step of logical thinking is the research phase, so you must conduct research before going forward.

3 The Four Fs of Relationships

During the research phase, you need to analyze what type of relationship you are dealing with. There are four types of relationships: 

  • Fix: You need to acknowledge the relationships in your life that need to be fixed. This could involve setting boundaries or having difficult conversations.
  • Foster: A proper relationship needs to be fostered so it can grow. 
  • Fire: Avoid people who bring you down. Protect your space by distancing yourself from anyone who brings negativity into your space. You find yourself surrounded by stress, anxiety, and conflict when you don’t do this. 
  • Find: You need to connect with the people who will take you to the next level. 

4 Face it

There are times when you need to be a bigger person. You need to respond to situations with logical thinking. When you reach out and connect with other people, you set an example and show them that it is possible. 

5 Have the conversation

The last step to logical thinking is implementing everything so far and using it to communicate. If you are using the logical approach while dealing with other people, this is the time to discuss openly and listen to their perspectives while presenting yours.

How to think logically to overcome challenges.

Always pause before you react. Wait to speak until you’ve thought things through. When applying logical thinking, prepare yourself for difficult conversations. Be proactive about reaching out while also implementing healthy boundaries.

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