Activate Your Growth Opportunities: The 8 T’s of Personal Growth

Every day we have the chance to take advantage of growth opportunities. Life presents us with an unlimited number of chances to grow. You are either leaping into these opportunities for growth or burning the bridges presented to you, halting your growth. Choose to jump and take the path of growth opportunities life leads you to.  

1 Test your commitment to your vision. 

Is your vision still serving you? Have you revisited your why? When we are no longer sure or not enjoying what we are doing, drop it. To be successful, you have to love what you do. 

2 Test the systems and procedures you are using. 

Do you need to adjust and update them? Having the proper systems and procedures in place makes it easier to follow our plan. You may need to update your systems and procedures to be more current and efficient. 

3 Test yourself. 

The enemy of the best is the good. Don’t settle for being “good.” Be your best. Your opportunities for growth begin with yourself and who you are on the inside. Do you need to be doing what you are doing, or do you need a makeover? How are you relating to others? Your impact on others can affect the environment you are in, positively or negatively. Relationships are critical, and communication is essential.

4 Find Growth Opportunities by trying new things. 

Nothing kills creativity and growth like monotony. To see the growth opportunities that life will present, you have to step out of your “normal.” Get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. You will be surprised by what you are capable of. When you step out of the norm and your capacity will grow.

5 Test others as well. 

Audit your tribe by asking yourself questions. Are you all still on the same page, still going in the right direction? Are you adding value to each other? The people around you can make or break you, so test the relationships. Don’t throw away the relationships but maybe move them down the scale. You can still be connected but not in the same space. Close the door gently on that relationship in case you need to open it.

6 Teaching is an opportunity for growth. 

You need to be able to track your value, vision, and beliefs. True connection comes only with communication and clarity because spirit talks to spirit. When you make the plan for your vision, they will run with it. Teach about the business so you can find the synergy to work together. Teach others about yourself and teach yourself about yourself. Get in touch with who you are, staying current. Own your space. Upgrade yourself for success by taking action. Growth can only come if you put yourself in spaces where you train, teach and stretch yourself.

7 Trust can create a growth opportunity. 

Build trust within your business, product, and you. People will want to connect with you when you show up as your true self. They will want you on their side. Building trust is critical for any connection. Have a circle that will speak into your life and speaks into you. This circle is your support as opportunities for growth present themselves to you. Allow those few to surround you so that you remain grounded as you move to the next level.

8 Tempt others to collaborate with you. 

If you have done the three T’s, tested, taught, and trusted, it will tempt others to want to know more about you. They may then want to either collaborate with you or offer you help. Collaboration is a vital growth opportunity for any business or personal growth goal. 

The takeaways: The 8 T’s to Growth

There is nothing better than the T’s to find growth opportunities and build success. Know your commitment to your vision and change your actions if you are not. Your systems and processes should be current. Be in spaces that provide opportunities for growth. Make sure you surround yourself with the right people to hold you accountable and always show up as yourself.

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