The 4 Quadrants of Life: Setting Priorities to Be More Productive

The key to managing time is setting priorities correctly. As we all know, time is a precious resource that can often be difficult to manage. With that in mind, we must ensure we use time wisely. In 1960, evolutionists looked into how society was evolving and how work patterns were changing. 

They projected that by 2020 the average work week would include only 22 hours and that people would dedicate 27 hours to their families and personal lives. They also believed 7 weeks of vacation per year would be the norm. It would have been nice, but it certainly is not the case today!

The Glam of Busy is a Myth

In our society, it’s become glamorous to be busy. But that doesn’t mean we have to be. It’s all about being intentional with our time. And productive is better than busy. Instead of settling for busy, focus on setting priorities to allow you to be productive with your time.

Your body’s reaction to “busy” versus “productive.”

How does your body respond when you think about the future and what you must do? If you feel stressed, tense, or anxious, you have a negative relationship with your time. You do not use time wisely. However, productivity is a positive experience. When you are productive, you feel energized and motivated.

How the average person spends their time.

On average, people spend 2735 hours a year watching TV, 705 hours on social media, and 435 hours reading. Reflect on your average day and decide if you use time wisely. 

There are 4 quadrants to your life: 

  • Personal 
  • Financial
  • Relational
  • Spiritual

Time and presence are interconnected.

It’s important to reflect on your accomplishments and see how they stack up in each quadrant of your life. This will help you understand where to focus on setting priorities and creating a more well-rounded, satisfying life.

When you rank your quadrants, think about your achievements in each one. Rate them using a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being the most successful.

  1. Which one brought you joy?
  2. Which took the most energy?
  3. Which brought you energy? 

This year focus on setting priorities and being less “busy.”

As we move into the following year, we must reflect on the past year and consider what we could have done differently. We may need to spend more time or focus on our spiritual well-being. It’s also important to ask ourselves “what-if” questions. What if we simplify our lives? What if we approach things from a different perspective? Asking these questions can help us grow and develop in the coming year.

Most people don’t use time wisely. They feel that they are “too busy” to finish anything, and yet, spend an alarming amount of time being “busy” and not “productive.” Reflect on the 4 quadrants of your life and determine which ones are fulfilled and which are out of balance. Focus on setting priorities that balance you and build a more productive self. 

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