Take Control of Your Success to Move From Happenstance to Hope

You need to take control of your success to be able to navigate from happenstance to hope. When you focus on other people’s lives, successes, or businesses, you bring negative energy into your heart. Comparison is the root of negativity. You cannot grow until you let go of your comparisons and believe in who you are and where you are right now. Comparison equals doubt and fear. Coaches are concerned with possibility and the “what if.” When you compare yourself to others, you focus on impossibility, which can hold you back. So how do you stop yourself from comparing yourself to others? 

Take control of your success: understand your happenstance

Understand your happenstance and accept where you are in your life and your journey to success. Look at your life. What do you have? What are you lacking, both tangible and intangible things? What do you still want? This is your happenstance. 

Every day, we are presented with opportunities. Our opportunities are rooted in our happenstance. We don’t have to sit still. There is hope for tomorrow, but how will you get there? Look beyond your happenstance: pay attention to your surroundings and the people who can change your life. Take the leap, have faith in yourself, and show your worth to those around you. What can you bring to others? What can others bring to you? This is where your happenstances will lead you to sustainability. 

Everyone is in a different place in life, faith, and business. You have your own life experiences that are unique to you. Your experiences can help others. Your eternity is now, but you must take action on God’s blessings. He may not open the door for you, but he will present you with the ability to open the door for yourself. So get up and open your door. 

Embracing risk to move from happenstance to hope

Everyone is on a ladder. We are all on different rungs of the ladder in our lives, but it is our foundations that matter most. If you don’t have a solid foundation for your ladder rooted in your faith, belief, and authentic self, you need to get off the ladder and rebuild your foundation to propel yourself to new levels. 

The one thing that happenstance propels for eternity is risk. By risking everything and doing hard things, you give yourself the drive to look past your current happenstance and reach your eternity. Write the book, start the podcast, start the ministry, open the business – whatever you want to achieve, do it, risk it all, and make it happen. True leadership starts with YOU!

Takeaways: Take control of your success

  • Comparison brings doubt, and the feeling of unworthiness, which leads to minimal movements.
  • Your happenstance is where you are, and what you lack – hope – is what you still want over your happenstance. 
  • Hope is used to propel you forward or up your ladder.
  • Only by embracing risk can you move forward.

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