Embrace Your Power: It’s Up to You 

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Your world is built around every conversation you have – including the conversations with yourself. Consciously or unconsciously, it defines who you are, your thoughts, your reactions, your actions, and even your identity. While it might seem difficult to change what happens in the unconscious mind – it is not impossible.

Take Control of Your Personal Power: Let the Ego Drive Your Evolution 

a hand holding lightening as a form of personal power

Pushing your ego down and letting others take wins or resources they need can become a habit. But ego is not always bad. “Stand your ground for righteousness for your self-protection for sanity.” From the outside looking in, it sounds narcissistic. However, in reality, you are in the process of evolution and building your personal power.

The Power of Words: If You’re Not Holding Your Power, What Is?

A man speaking in a powerful manner

The power of words is often something people take for granted. Stay clear about where your mind is and your current state of affairs. The only way to change your current situation is to change your beliefs which changes your habits. The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.

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