Living a Balanced Life: Consciousness Is The New Sexy

Man standing in balance

Everyone struggles to live a balanced life. Living in balance is a constant endeavor, but if you struggle to remain in balance, it could be because you lack self-awareness. There are two sides to life – VIBE and MOLD. You have to be conscious of what side of life you are in to live a life in balance.

Health is Wealth: Importance of Sound Health in Ensuring Productivity 

Healthy meal prepared for consumption

Health is wealth, and while mind training is essential, it’s not always enough to train your mind. The good thing about life is you have the power to make choices. Choosing what path to take regarding treating your health depends on you. Choose today to make away with habits that do not directly contribute to you living a healthy life.

It’s Time to Focus on Yourself And Build Success: Body Before Business

Lady in suit with eyes closed trying to focus on her inner self

It’s time to focus on yourself. In business and life, it becomes easy to put ourselves behind other people’s needs. But you must come first to ensure a long and healthy life of caring for or serving others. When you align all seven pillars of life, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2023: 4 Steps To Stay On Track and Reach The Finish Line

A young girl having her morning fitness jog

You can achieve anything if you track your goals and hold yourself accountable. Having a supportive community to help you reach your fitness goals is essential. If you’re serious about getting healthy, one of the best things you can do is reset your life. Look at your current habits and make a conscious decision to commit to your daily goals.

5 Steps to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals And Transform Your Body

Guy who has lost weight making comparison

Have you set your weight loss goals for 2023? Are you looking to be more healthy in the new year? Whatever your goal is, you have to take some steps because no matter how much you dream it, you won’t get it if you don’t act toward it. If you follow these tips and transform your body. Make 2023 your year!

How to Forgive Yourself: Eliminating the Unnecessary Pressure We Put On Ourselves

Woman letting go of stress by hugging herself with a smile

This is the time of year when we put extra pressure on ourselves. We look back to the beginning of the year and the list of goals we said we would accomplish. That pressure to push for more leads to unnecessary anxiety, resulting in stress. To “remove” it, you must forgive yourself for your failures and broken promises.

How to Take Better Care of Yourself

SPA self careroutine taking place

The holidays are the perfect time to raise the bar and learn how to take better care of yourself by devising a self-care routine that suits you best.

Raise the BARS by devising effective boundaries, taking action, owning your reactions and engaging in self-gratification occasionally. Devise a self-care routine that suits your needs.

Living Life to the Fullest: How to Live a Fulfilling Life

Living life to the fullest starts with you. Learn to be intentional with your time. It’s not about you but who you can impact with your voice and actions. It is vital to travel around the globe to get connected to the community and connect with people. Connecting with people adds life to people.