How to Stop Pursuing Happiness and Begin Finding Happiness in Pursuit

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While we’d like to believe that achieving happiness is as simple as continuously pursuing it, the reality is more nuanced. Happiness isn’t just another box we can check. Giving up on pursuing happiness is the secret to happiness. Instead of striving to feel happy all the time, just try changing your perspective and do what makes you happy.

Your Health Drives Your Business Success

Health Drives Your Business Success

Your health drives your business success. As a business owner, you may often find that your health takes a backseat as you strive to succeed. In situations like these, ask yourself: “What the health is going on!”

5 Ways to Share Your Story: When God Gives You A Message To S.H.A.R.E

5 people sitting at a table with paper or phones ready to share their story from god

When God gives you a message to share with the world, it’s not your message.
S.H.A.R.E. your story with others: Sit in the silence and listen. Harvest the idea given to you. Abandon what you know for where you are called to go. Reach others in their world. Embrace the goosebumps and enjoy the impact.

Improve Self-awareness to Overcome Challenges

Man smiling in the distance while sitting on a beach improving his self-awareness so he can overcome any challenge

Challenges can be daunting, but we can improve self-awareness to embrace them and grow. There are things happening that are outside of our control, but if we become masters of what’s within us, we can overcome any challenge.
You have to have the discipline and confidence within yourself to not let the outside world determine your value.

Setting Boundaries With Family During The Holidays

Setting Boundaries With Family

Setting boundaries with family concerns most of us as the holiday season draws nearer. We’ve all been there; an upcoming family party is near, and the feeling of impending doom hits. Family should be a source of encouragement, love, and belonging. We shouldn’t have to tolerate toxic personalities because of DNA.

Be A Go-Giver: Shifting Into A Higher State of Giving Will Shift Your Destiny

Hands holding a gift, emphasizing be a go-giver

When we live in a state of uncertainty, we need to start shifting into a higher state of giving. By shifting into a higher state of giving, we shift our destiny.

By working on our higher level of identity and creating a state of abundance, we rewire ourselves and our reality towards creating a positive impact.

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