The Importance of Embedding Appreciation In Every Step of Your Success Journey

Appreciative man on a journey

Appreciation is the most important thing on the growth journey. Let the people in your life know that you appreciate them, share a token of appreciation with those you work with, and allow yourself to feel appreciated by others. This opens your heart to true happiness. Chances are, if you appreciate everything around you when adversity occurs, you can overcome it.

Rewire Your Brain With Grace: How Gratitude And Appreciation Can Change Your Life

Woman in the mood of gratitude and appreciation

Practicing gratitude and appreciation on a regular basis can rewire the brain in a number of ways. We often get caught up in negative thinking because something bad comes our way. Grace is feeling grateful for all the emotional events in our lives. Start practicing gratitude daily to rewire your brain, and watch how your entire life starts to transform.

Surrender to God: How to Move Forward in Life and Overcome Tragedy

Glowing palms or hands against a dark background, signifying importance of surrender to God

Surrender to God enables us to walk free of suffering and grief. It means demonstrating unwavering faith in His plans and confidence in His promises.
Tragedy happens everyday. But, even through heartbreak and loss, God is with us. Provision is not about wealth but about sustenance. Even the holidays have intention. We can’t stop; always move forward.

Finding Things to Be Grateful For This Holiday Season

A boy with happy face grateful for the holiday

Show up in grace this holiday season. Everybody is battling something. There are always things to be grateful for, even in the worst moments. Intentional thoughts can help you see the positives in any negative moment.

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