Health is Wealth: Importance of Sound Health in Ensuring Productivity 

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Health is wealth, and while mind training is essential, it’s not always enough to train your mind. The good thing about life is you have the power to make choices. Choosing what path to take regarding treating your health depends on you. Choose today to make away with habits that do not directly contribute to you living a healthy life.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2023: 4 Steps To Stay On Track and Reach The Finish Line

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You can achieve anything if you track your goals and hold yourself accountable. Having a supportive community to help you reach your fitness goals is essential. If you’re serious about getting healthy, one of the best things you can do is reset your life. Look at your current habits and make a conscious decision to commit to your daily goals.

The Importance of Preventive Medicine for Increasing Life Longevity

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Preventive medicine involves encouraging preventive healthcare to enhance patient well-being. The ultimate objective of preventive medicine and use of vaccines is to prevent illness, disability, and eventually death.
Preventive medicine works even better when you also get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise. Establishing a balance between these factors is crucial for overall health, wellness and increased life longevity.

How to Be Your Best Self: DECIDE to Make the Minutes in a Day Matter

Woman smiling with arms wide as she How to be your best self: DECIDE to make the minutes in a day matter

You get 1440 minutes in a day; use these to DECIDE how to be your best self. Nobody knows how many total minutes you have in a lifetime, but you do know how many minutes are in a day.
In order to get your life on track, you must take the wheel. Choose not to be driven by other people’s beliefs and take back control of your decisions.

The Role of Protein as a Key to Longevity and Muscular Fitness

Varieties of Proteinous foods with different roles in the body

Proteins are essential for building muscle mass. However, the role of protein intake in the body extends beyond building muscle mass and tissue repair.
Optimal protein intake is also the key to longevity and improved muscular strength. The minimum amount of protein you need per day is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight, but we need to increase our protein intake as we age.

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