One Day or Day One? Deciding on a Better Way to Live

Man making a decision to live right

Forget about the mantra “new year, new me.” What you’ll get in 2023 is not a new you but more of you. You have to change one day to day one to have a new year. It starts with reflecting on the past year and then deciding to start living a better life in 2023.

How to Live Your Best Life: 5 Ideas to Step in the Right Direction 

A baby taking his first step in the right direction

It’s important to know how to live your best life, given that there are no replays in life, and every decision has a ripple effect.
Re-evaluate your daily choices to gauge if they help you step in the right direction. Choices like the food you eat, the words you speak and listen to, the friends you keep, and what you do every day affect your life.

How to Make Better Decisions: Lessons Learned From Getting Sick

A woman thinking of what decision to make

Learning how to make better decisions is crucial for all of us. Sickness isn’t always a setback; it also gives us a chance to pause and reflect on the lessons taught by life during this phase.
Life’s challenges and adversities are not what you want, but what you require in order to grow.
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