Find Your People: The Power of Community

Two individuals outside there holding hands

The most essential thing in life you can do is find your people. We all yearn for some connection, but misconceptions exist about building meaningful friendships and communities. Finding your people and building a community requires deliberate action. You have to put yourself out there. But putting yourself out there can be challenging.

Showing Up and Reaching Out To Others

group of employees sitting and talking together showing up and reaching out to others

Reaching out to others is an underrated leadership trait. Show up in support – you never know the type of lifeline that you will be to someone. You have to seize the opportunity that you have to reach out, spread love, and combat feelings of isolation.

Know Who You Are: The Magic Ingredient to Achieve Corporate Family Value

A team working together effectively requires you to Know Who You Are

Attaining corporate family values is the key to creating a winning culture. It is the only sustainable way to make an impact.

Understand who you are when you go into business. The best and fastest way to do this is to eliminate who you are not. Then you can put the pieces back together to discover who you are.

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