Surrender to God: How to Move Forward in Life and Overcome Tragedy

Surrender to God enables us to walk free of suffering and grief. It means demonstrating unwavering faith in His plans and confidence in His promises. Tragedy happens every day. From illness to accidents, to mass shootings, to death, significant tragedy is part of the world. So the question is, how can you be thankful when you have just lost?  

Surrender to God: Allow God to drive your purpose 

Tragedy, heartache, and heartbreak are all around us every day, and this time of year is no different. So how can you balance the grief and heartbreak during this time of family and celebration?

Through surrender and understanding that our plans must be connected to God’s plan, we can make our way out of the sorrow and into our better days. When tragedy strikes, we often want to question God and His plan for us, which is OK. God is OK with our questions. He is gentle and kind and forgiving and mindful. He is closest to the broken-hearted. 

As with Adam and Eve, God granted us a place of protection, but he also asks us to live with free will and enemy forces. There are three enemies we face daily. We are always at war, regardless of what life looks like. Rest and warfare can go hand in hand when you understand what surrender actually is. 

Enemy 1: flesh. 

Enemy 2: World

and finally, Enemy 3: Satan

If we shift our focus from the three enemies and focus internally on ourselves, we become rooted in the present and allow opportunities to find us. There is a King in all of us. We all have the ability to create. We are all part of the Divine. Surrendering to God is the key.

Manna-mentality is when we think that what we have is good enough. People become enslaved to a lack of sustenance because it is “good enough,” but we have all been given the keys to escape from our bondage and break free.

How to Move Forward in Life: Acknowledge the King within you

When you focus on the flesh, you deny the King within you. Provision is not about the money you make. To make it to the kingdom of milk and honey on earth, you must find your purpose, the purpose God has for you, and bring sustenance to others. When you can find that, you will find provisions beyond your imagination. 

The idea of dominion is “To Be, To Do, and To Have.” Before you can bask in the rewards God has planned for you, you have to be who you are meant to be; you have to do what you are meant to do. Surrender in God and you will have the provisions of heaven on earth. 

God draws closer to those who live in heartache. You are not a slave in his quarters. We have dominion and power. “Greater is he who allows the King to be in them.” 

Surrender to God: Give thanks

Now is the time for family and gratitude, but that does not mean it is the time to rest. Are you planning to fail because you are not planning? Don’t let the holiday be your excuse to not pursue your goals. This is the time to double down and work harder to reach your goals, provide for your family and your purposes, and find the provisions God has in store for you. 

Even holidays can have intention. Thanksgiving is not about food or turkey. And it’s not about being grateful for material things. Don’t let the enemies of the flesh steal your gratitude. Be thankful for who you are, your life, your family, and your spirit. 


  • Tragedy happens everyday. But, even through heartbreak and loss, God is with us. 
  • Through surrender, we can move forward toward our goals if we allow God to drive our purpose.
  • Provision is not about wealth but about sustenance. 
  • Even the holidays have intention. We can’t stop; always move forward.

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