How to Succeed in Life and Business: Ask for What You Want

Somewhere along the way, we’ve bought into this belief that asking for what we want or need isn’t ideal. But the truth can be quite the opposite. If you don’t ask for what you want, the answer will always be “no.” It takes conviction, creativity, and practice to ask and accept what we want in life and business. Some of our most significant moments of learning and growth are born out of this state of uncertainty. Yet we often shy away from asking for money or other forms of support because it’s outside of our comfort zones.

Ask for what you want: Don’t quit before you start

Think about it. No one is going to just hand you something. Your boss doesn’t know you want a raise or a new position if you don’t tell him you want it. Your network isn’t going to know you are fundraising for a new project if you don’t tell them and ask for their support.

It’s easy to forget that hearing “no” is part of getting to “yes.” Sometimes the answer is “no” and remains “no.” But you might be surprised to learn how often taking a chance and asking for things that matter will work in your favor. And if it doesn’t, get feedback to better position yourself for the next “ask.” All too often, most of us quit before getting to “yes.” 

How to succeed in life and business: Be confident and “ask.”

More often than not, we are selling ourselves short. Be confident: Ask and you shall receive. Take a chance. It takes time and confidence to be able to ask for what we want. You have to remind yourself that no one will know what you want if you don’t let them know. It’s okay to let them know. 

You deserve to get what you want, and it’s not a selfish act, and it does not come from a place of weakness. In fact, it’s an act of self-compassion to ask for what you want and to accept whatever outcome arises. Elevate yourself by asking for what you want; don’t hold back.


  • A closed mouth does not get fed.
  • In order to succeed in life and business, we have to start asking for what we need—from ourselves, from God, and from others.
  • It’s not about requiring people to do things; it’s about inspiring people to do things.
  • Prayer and writing down goals are ways to ask for what you want.

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