The Power of Storytelling in Business: How to Build an Emotional Connection and Grow Your Brand

We tend to think of stories in terms of entertainment, but the power of storytelling in business, and the emotional connection that comes with it, is one of the most overlooked aspects of brand success

One of the best ways to form connections is by being authentic and sharing your why, especially in business. Every entrepreneur has a reason for starting their business, and by using personal or brand storytelling, it will draw people to you on a more personal level.

Why creating an emotional connection matters

We have been telling stories for as long as we’ve been human. The most successful companies in the world have profound stories behind them that instill a sense of bigger purpose and meaning into what they do. People would rather invest in a human than a company, and it’s through sharing our stories that we can humanize ourselves.

It’s the age-old quote: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” A good story makes us think and feel and speaks to us. The strongest stories tap into people’s emotions and connect with them. When you tell your story, people can find commonality with you and feel like they can relate to you and your story; it builds rapport quickly, and with that comes trust.

How to tell your story to grow your business

The secret sauce to any successful business is inspiring the people around you, and storytelling is key to this inspiration. Stories are instrumental in engaging people, forming an emotional connection with them, and giving them a sense of community and purpose.

Through personal and brand storytelling, you connect with your audience and help them visualize themselves within the story, and give them a purpose to change or take some form of action. This is especially done if you share a story about a personal struggle. Maybe one about how you struggled at the beginning of starting your business or you struggled with writing the first chapter of your book and how you overcame those things.

Conclusion: Your story has power

The power of storytelling is immeasurable. The emotional connections you can create through stories pave the way for a more engaged audience, a stronger excitement about your brand, and commitment to you, your mission, and what your brand or business stands for. 

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