Steven Kuhn’s 5 Keys to Success (Don’t Make The Mistake!)

Everyone is looking for the keys to success; everyone wants to know the secret. Sometimes it’s easier to envy people who make an impact – look up to them and say they are precious to you in your life. But what if you wore the same shoe to someone else? You have the legs and the right size – so why not? Here are the five keys to success Steve has learned over the past year to help you have an impact on your world. 

Learn to Adapt

Out of all the keys to success, this one is critical. To be successful, you have to learn to adapt. You will make mistakes, but you cannot let yourself get stuck. You have to learn to change with the flow of things. Get up and move on. If you sit still to reflect, you can learn from your mistakes. But if you stay there, build a house, and sleep in that mistake, the world will leave you behind. So learn to adapt to change because change is inevitable in all aspects of life. 

Ask for Help When You Need It

People will only know what you need when you ask them. In the same way, you can only know when and where you are required when you talk about it. In many instances, people have reached out to one influencer or celebrity in their lives and gotten the chance they wanted. If you want an opportunity:

  1. Don’t wait for it to come.
  2. Go out and ask for the opportunity to be given to you.
  3. Don’t get discouraged if you get a NO.
  4. Keep going and keep sharing your values with the people around you. 

Practice Your Purpose – Take Steps

The keys to success all work together, but another critical concept is to practice what you do. Repetition is the mother of learning. The more you do something, the better you become at it. The more constantly you practice your purpose, the more it becomes a habit rather than a chore or a responsibility. You don’t have to do big things that scare you during low days. It can be baby steps. It is always better to walk toward the goal than to run toward it. When you run, you can miss out on the things in between. But when you walk through the process, you will experience its lessons. 

Delegate: Cultivate the Right Network 

Remember that you are adapting to changes and walking towards your goals. You’ll need someone to help you take charge and preserve the progress you have made. This is where employment or delegation comes in. Don’t be resistant to trusting others for good work. That is also why you need to source support from a suitable space. Build a good network like the Breakfast With Champions (BWC) folks. When you have the right network, delegating duties to one or more of them will not be hard. For the keys to success to work, you have to have a community. 

Be Certain!

Finally, be confident of your abilities. Most people fail because they need to be certain. It is not about being confident in the surroundings, the outcome, or the process but about being certain in yourself and your abilities. To learn how to unleash your certainty through your abilities, click this link right away.

Things to remember about these 5 Keys to Success

Go out there and talk to the people you believe have impacted you. Tell them why you think they are unique in your life. Don’t forget to show gratitude to your mentors. When you don’t tell your mentors how influential they have been, you rob them of that momentary joy. You must not be tied running day-to-day operations, designate that responsibility.

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