5 Ways To Be Ready To Start Your Day

How are you owning your daily actions to improve yourself, your relationships with family, friends and community and also with your career?

It’s important to embrace tactical and action.

The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself – it ALL starts with you looking at yourself. 

The first step towards change is awareness, then acceptance, then taking a simple small step toward making that change.

Law of contribution. As you grow – you can grow others

What are you DOING to express a spirit of gratitude?

Do you have a routine of gratitude? What are 3 things you are grateful for?

What are you doing to uplift yourself and then others?

Are you speaking life into those around you after you speak life into yourself?

What positive messages have you sent out today?

What are you DOING to ensure people are speaking life into you?

Who is holding you accountable to the steps you are taking toward your goals and dreams?

What are you DOING to ensure your health is in healthy excellence?

What steps are you taking to be healthy for you and for others? What are your health goals? What microsteps you are taking to get there?

If you showed me your calendar would I be able to see that in your calendar? What does your calendar say about how you care about your own health?

What are you doping to leave a legacy?

Are you leaving this world, your community, your family, better than you found it?

Or better than it is today?

Action Speaks Loudest – where the Action taker is YOU

Action item – Audit All of it! How you are filling the calendar, time, finances, network

Are you taking the action to be ready to take action? Whether it is running updates on all of your gadgets or applications, leaving your outfits ready for the week or the night before, reviewing your calendar 2-3 weeks out at the minimum

Have a spirit of teachability – solution-a-bility – grow-ability – learnability – ability to evolve into a better person today than you were yesterday.

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