Stand Out on LinkedIn: Best Practices by Shanee Moret

Shanee Moret, a stage four cancer survivor and founder of Growth Academy, shares her best tips on how to stand out on LinkedIn. In 2018, her boss gave Moret a harsh ultimatum, leading her to freelance work. As she struggled to find clients, she turned to LinkedIn and unlocked the secrets to business growth. 

Stand Out on LinkedIn: Leverage your personal brand

Business is complicated, and one of the hardest things can be reaching your “Who.” Your “Who” is the person you are trying to reach or your ideal customer. On LinkedIn, people want to expedite learning. They want to know how your experience is going to help them succeed. Keep this in mind when you are building content for LinkedIn. 

Your personal brand is not actually about you. Your personal brand is about leveraging your story to reach potential customers so you can help them achieve their goals. Only 3% of people on LinkedIn post original content, but many are leaders or decision-makers, and most are looking for real solutions to their problems. You can reach these high-ticket customers through consistent posting. 

How do you get clients on LinkedIn to come to you?

On LinkedIn, people take longer to trust you. But once they do, they are more likely to become customers than on other platforms. To build trust, post content that shows potential customers who you are and how you are different from your competitors. LinkedIn is a great place to share your stories about your business, what it means to you, and how you run it. 

Before you can grow your profile, you need to know your ultimate goal. It could be traffic to a website, consultations, downloads, etc. Once you know this, you can begin driving action through your content.

Your LinkedIn profile should be treated like a landing page. You want to make sure that you direct people where to go. Other critical elements to a successful LinkedIn profile are your profile photo, featured section, and videos:

  • Profile photo: Your photo should be professional and show you looking straight into the camera. This photo is the first line of contact with potential connections, so you want a picture that will encourage people to click on it or reply to you.
  • Featured: Each page offers a featured section. This is where you should collect newsletters, press releases, or reviews from clients. 
  • Events: Run live video or audio events directly on LinkedIn. The videos will be recorded and remain on your profile, which will encourage more connections. Video is the accelerant of trust. The best way to show your authenticity to your audience is through video. 

Conclusion: Stand out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an underutilized profile for businesses today. You can find more high-dollar spenders on LinkedIn than on any other platform. It offers more stable connections and engaged audiences than any other platform.

Less than 5% of people on LinkedIn currently post original content, opening the door for you to stand out. LinkedIn now has newsletters, a live video stream, and a live audio stream for content creation, which can help build your connections.

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