Speak Your Truth: 9 Reasons to Share Your Story 

Very few people are willing to come forward and speak their truth. It takes courage to speak your truth and show the less-than-perfect parts of yourself to others. However, it’s important to be your most authentic self and share your story with others. When we create communities, we create a connection as well, as everyone in the same vicinity feels loved and heard. Your story can be someone else’s travel guide or an anchor point for overcoming an adversity. We need to be willing to share so we can help those who need to hear our stories. 

9 reasons to speak your truth

In this way, we receive strength from each other. 

Here are nine reasons why you should share your story:

  1. Create a connection

Sharing your story helps you find your people. Take the time to find your tribe—the people who will understand you and accept you for who you are. You tend to feel less alone when you find people who are going through a similar situation.

  1. Be authentic

Authenticity is key. It helps us reach the right people.

  1. Increase awareness

Sharing your story creates awareness. In order to break the stigma around mental health issues, we have to be willing to share our stories and create awareness.

  1. Build useful depth

We need to ask the hard, and sometimes uncomfortable, questions. In the long run, this will help us grow.

  1. Give permission

When you show up and tell your story, you give people permission to share their stories.

  1. Embrace vulnerability

Vulnerability is the foundation of belonging. But you also need to remember that your stories are not meant for everyone to hear. Ask yourself before you share anything, “Is my story relevant and useful for this room?” 

  1. Take responsibility

Happiness is a choice, and you are responsible for making yourself happy. When you share your story and speak your truth, you claim responsibility for your inner bliss.

  1. Raise the energy

You are the gatekeeper to your happiness, success, and joy. You determine what a meaningful life means to you. By sharing our stories, we move from the low vibrational energy of shame to the higher vibrational energy of joy. 

  1. Gain perspective

Your perspective is either your passport or your prison. Ask yourself what narrative you are creating. Self-awareness is incredibly important. When an emotion comes up, you need to find the root of it. Changing your narrative and perspective can change your story.

Takeaway: Speak your truth to create a connection

Everyone deals with trauma differently. We are often so worried about judgment that we hide our true selves. When we do this, we hinder God’s gift in us. 

Remember to consider the following factors when preparing to share your story:

  • It takes courage to be vulnerable.
  • Your perspective will affect every area of your life.
  • Shifting our perspective allows us to achieve more.
  • Your joy and happiness are in your own hands. 
  • Dare to speak your truth. The way out is in.

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