Social Media Trends to Watch in 2023 as a Content Creator

As we move into 2023, keeping up with the latest social media trends is essential to make the most of this free platform’s fantastic opportunities, especially as a content creator. Some things to look out for include the following: 

  • Increasing emphasis on video.
  • Take advantage of multiple monetizations. 
  • Greater focus on podcasts.

By being aware of these trends and preparing for them, we can set ourselves up for success in content creation on social media in the coming year.

Here are the top things to think about as a content creator for social media in 2023:

User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is content created by everyday users instead of professional journalists or publishers. This could include blog posts, social media posts, photos, and videos. 

While some brands may be hesitant to embrace UGC, there are many advantages to using this type of content. UGC is often more relatable and trustworthy than traditional advertising. Additionally, UGC is a great way to connect with potential customers or clients.

Short Content Video:

As a content creator, it’s essential to keep your eye out for changes in social media platforms, as the requirements for monetization can differ from one to the next. That said, the best part about short-form content is that it is, well, short. Short-form content is easy to produce and consume because it is only 5 to 60-second videos. Knowing how to stay organized is essential for short content creation.

Shoppable Content: 

People want to see a few key things before buying online: product info, reviews, and social proof that others are using/enjoying it. Shoppable content creation provides this, allowing potential buyers to make decisions. Amazon, in particular, is investing heavily in influencer content (i.e., paying people to create videos about products and linking to them on their site). This allows potential buyers to see the product in action and is an easy way for YOU to make money!


Pinterest is encouraging users to create shoppable content. You can create content pins or join Pinterest TV to share shoppable content. You can promote your favorite products or your own business products. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to increase sales, as more and more people want to buy items directly from Pinterest. 

VR and AR content: 

VR and AR content is gaining popularity. VR content requires a headset, while AR content does not. YouTube is pushing VR content, while Snapchat is pushing AR content. These new video technologies are being used for events such as concerts, meetings, and other gatherings. Think of how you can use this technology in your business for 2023.

Social Audio: 

YouTube is pushing podcasts. If you have a podcast but no visual content, now is the time to change that. You can add visuals to your podcast and upload it to YouTube, which will help you reach a larger audience and increase your monetization opportunities. It’s also essential to think about audio-impaired viewers when creating video content. Ensure your camera is set up so people can see you clearly when you’re talking. And keep an eye on Facebook—they’re planning on returning some of their audio features soon.

Keep it organized. 

It’s important to know how to stay organized when it comes to content creation. is a great way to keep your content calendar organized. You can add other creators and business owners to collaborate on ideas. This is a great way to stay organized and ensure your content is on track.

Batch recording your content can help you stay organized and be more efficient. Get a lot of videos, podcasts, and other content done at once so you can spread it out over time. 

Understand the best time to post based on the platforms and the analytics. Make sure people see you by using your main feed and resharing stories and reels. This way, more people will see it. Only sometimes rely on the algorithm; think of other ways new people can see your content.

Conclusion: Grow your business and brand as a content creator in 2023

Social media is a wonderful way to grow your business and your brand. Make sure you know how to stay organized in your content creation, especially as you grow your brand. By following these tips, you will find great success in growing your business and brand through being a content creator.

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