Snap Back to Reality: Navigating the Emotional Aftermath of the Holiday Season

The holidays are full of merry cheer and bright lights, but it is time to snap back to reality after the New Year. After the holidays, there can be an over-arching heaviness that is hard to shake. The excitement and joy of the holiday season are replaced with a sense of reality and the unknown. It’s normal to feel a bit of sadness and longing for the holidays to return. But the holiday season is not a permanent state of being. You have to be honest with yourself and readjust to your everyday life.

The holiday mindset.

Going back home during the holidays can trigger memories and beliefs from our childhood, and it can be challenging to snap back to reality. The familiarity of being home can feel comforting, but it’s not a sustainable way of living. It’s like the honeymoon phase or being on vacation, where everything seems lovely until the reality of life creeps back in. 

When we return to our regular lives, we feel a sense of separation from ourselves. We may find ourselves living different pieces of our lives based on our circumstances or environment. But it’s important to remember that this separation from our true selves is a form of self-abandonment. We can’t run from our feelings by constantly moving and staying busy. 

Be honest with yourself to escape filling the void. 

Many of us try to fill the emptiness and loneliness we feel with action, but all the doing in the world doesn’t change how we feel. It’s a false belief that we will outrun our feelings if we keep moving. But the truth is, we can only fix how we feel by being with ourselves and our emotions. 

It’s important to remember that life doesn’t stop just because we want it to. There will be moments when you feel like you’re in a hole, but it’s up to you to pull yourself out of it. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Be honest with yourself about your feelings and not run from your emotions. 

How to snap back to reality.

One way to start adjusting and letting go of the false sense of reality after the holidays is by finding small things to be grateful for. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, focus on the things that you do have. Try to connect with others and build a sense of community. The holiday season reminds us that we’re not alone in our struggles and are all in this together.

The takeaway: Returning to a sense of reality.

The holiday season can be a wonderful time, but it can also be a challenging time. As we snap back to reality, it’s important to remember that the holiday season is not a permanent state of being. Take the time to readjust to your everyday life and be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling. Try to find small things to be grateful for and connect with others. Finding balance and peace in your sense of reality may take time, but it’s worth it. Remember, we can only fix how we feel with being.

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