Slowing Down to Speed Up – The Power in Stillness

Our truth tends to get clouded by all the noise and distractions constantly happening in the world. We live in a hustle culture where we continuously busy ourselves out of fear: fear of slowing down and falling behind, fear of what the silence and stillness might bring. We are in this constant space of filling our lives but never feeling fulfilled, but the reality is that stillness is the key to just about everything. It’s the key to unlocking all of our potential in this life.

Slow down to realize the power in stillness

There’s a reason that the phrase “slow down to speed up” exists. We move so quickly, often to the point where we can’t keep up anymore, and it leads to burnout. Everything seems to fall apart, and we get no further than where we started. But if we slow down, if we take the time to think through what it is we’re really doing, it gives us the opportunity to build a foundation. It provides us the chance to get honest with ourselves and really examine what our priorities are. We make time for the things that we want to make time for. If you look at your calendar, it will show you what is actually important to you.

Slowing down to unleash “massive optimism”

By slowing down, refocusing, and reprioritizing, we can live our lives with “massive optimism,” allowing us to operate at our best and highest potential. There are five ways to live with massive optimism:

  1. Dream: We need to dream. There’s a difference between people who are engaged and those who are disengaged in their lives. Dreamers believe that their future can be greater than their past.
  2. Find what is right: So many things in life don’t go as we thought they were going to. But when we look for the things we are grateful for and the things that are going well, it helps us to stay in the space of optimism, even when things aren’t going how we planned.
  3. Protect your language: Words mean things. We have to notice the words we are using and the things we are saying. Instead of saying, “I have to,” say, “I get to.” Reframe the self-defeating and negative phrases like “it is what it is” to “it is what it is for now.” That gives you your power back; it allows you to recognize that it’s temporary, that you’ll overcome your heartbreak or tough season if you keep showing up and doing the work.
  4. The next right thing is the best right: We are quick to self-sabotage. We say we’re going to work out 3-4 times a week, but we find excuses for not making the time for it. Remember, anything is better than nothing. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to be started.
  5. Lead others: One of the ways to live the most fulfilling life is to help others. When we lead with love and encouragement, we help others dream, and get to be a part of their journey or success story.

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