Shine Your Light: Our Gifts Make Us Special

Shine your light and let the world hear what you have to say. Always ensure that those around you can feel your impact.  

Remember that your voice is important and deserves to be heard. Don’t make yourself appear small. Show the world what you are capable of. Let your light shine bright; it is valuable and irreplaceable. 

Shine your light and bring your gifts to the forefront 

You need to let your light shine in every room you walk into. People need to see your light. It is a part of you that needs to be shared with the world. Oftentimes we find ourselves dimming our lights because we are shy or insecure, but we need to fight against feelings like these.  

Reaching out to people is a gift. You never know who might need your light in their life. When you reach out, you give people an opportunity to experience your light. Don’t be worried about how the person responds; just do what’s in your heart. Reach out to those you care about.  

All our gifts are different. Everyone has their own gifts, and this is what makes us unique. It is also what brings us closer. We complement each other’s gifts. By doing this, we strengthen the gifts that are already inside of us. Find people who complement your gifts. 

Let your light shine bright 

If we were all the same, we wouldn’t be able to learn anything new. This is why our different gifts are so important. They bring something new to the table. If we all had the same gifts, then the table would be extremely boring. Our unique gifts make every encounter an opportunity to learn something new. 

Don’t dwell on your past mistakes. Remember that it’s just money, you can always make it back.

Remember to: 

  • Speak your truth freely and more often.
  • Own your unique identity. We all have unique gifts that the world needs.
  • Reach out to people as often as you can. 
  • Do not overthink the things you cannot change.

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