Setting Yearly Goals: What is your word for 2023?

Planning for your yearly goals starts now. 2023 is here, and you need an anchor that will hold you grounded for the rest of the year. But before creating your anchor word, you must create a goal for each month of the upcoming year. Goals in life are often made with little thought and broken easily. This year, set yourself up to achieve your goals.

Things to keep in mind when planning for the new year.

Goals can start on any day.

A new year is traditionally the time to kick things off and start fresh. However, people don’t have to wait until the beginning of the new year. You can start at any point. You can start now – no matter what the day of the week or year it is. 

Reuse goals from last year.

To set your year goals up, go through the ones from 2022 that you still need to complete. Push them into 2023. Or you can look through your bucket list, choose which one you still need to knock out, and include them. 

Get uncomfortable.

Add something outside of your comfort zone on your list every month. Growth happens when we push ourselves. So take risks and try new things.

Plan for stress.

Remember to plan for stress. No goals in life come quickly. There will be challenges you have to overcome. Create a stressful situation and plan out ways to respond to it. This will train you for when the stress does come. 

Now, It’s time to pick a word to anchor yourself to your yearly goals!

Your anchor word can be one word or an entire mantra; however, it needs to be powerful enough to remind you of your goals. Look over the goals you have set for the next 12 months. What words come to mind? 

Also, think about emotions or actions that prevented you from reaching your goals last year. What words would counteract that? What words contribute to the person you want to be. Be that person. See yourself already there. What words come to mind?

Study your list of words and phrases and pull them together. Form this into a word or mantra to hold onto in 2023. 

The Takeaway: Preparing for your yearly goals.

Anyone can make a New Year’s resolution. But to achieve goals in life, you must set an anchor to keep with you all year long. When you are prepared for discomfort and uncertainty, it will no longer surprise you. Prepare for stress when planning your yearly goals to better set yourself up for success. And, always, return to your anchor!

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