5 Affirmations To Help You Serve Better

“I am ordained to serve,” is the affirmation that ICF-certified life, leadership, and executive coach, Lolita E. Walker reminds us of today.  What if you chose to begin your day with those words and knew, trusted, and believed that you were ordained to serve?

Ordained – ordered, appointed, guided

Serve – employed by, performed duties for, in service of

Through five strategies, Lolita shared how we can remember that we are ordained to serve:

Say it out loud, simply

There’s power in our voice and our voice has power.  Accountability begins when you say it out loud.  

Execute the work through accountability

Do the work.  By December 31, what will you have accomplished?  This is about not only saying it but doing it.  Today is your day to leap.  Remember that you are the greatness that others have yet to see.  Keep going.  Just do it.

Remember your 5W’s

Who, what, when, where, and why are critical questions to know on your journey.  The answers to these five questions will power you tremendously on your journey.  They will hold you up and help you to soar to your passions, your dreams, and your next steps.

Venture beyond where others said you could

The naysayers do not deserve to be on your train.  Stay focused and move ahead.  You are the conductor of your train and the next stop is YOUR VISION!  Whether work, life, or home, keep going.  At your next stop, allow the naysayers to exit through the right or left doors.  Others will hop aboard and will help you forward toward your goals.

Experience your service

Oftentimes, we do not pause long enough to truly experience our own gifts.

When do you take time for yourself?  When do you take the time to experience your own service?  You are invited to Lolita’s all-inclusive women’s weekend renewal retreat to not only experience your service but gain increased clarity, confidence, and commitment.

To see the entire 1/2 hour of power where Lolita talks in depth about each of the five strategies, click here.

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