The Seller’s Mindset: 3 Commandments

You are in the sales business

This is one of the most important distinctions I learned in business that helped me take things to new levels.

Not the training business, or the coaching business, or the automobile business… you’re in the business of selling your product or service.

The money gets made ONLY when you make the exchange, i.e., someone pays you for your offer. That’s the business – the sale. Not the delivery.

If you don’t like focusing on selling, partner with someone who does, or start liking it! This is the key to your business.

People don’t need to come to you for you to make money and generate business.

I had a friend in the fitness business who wanted more clients, but didn’t want to feel “pushy” or “salesy” in actually selling their services to potential clients. “I want them to come to me, instead of me going to them.”

Hey, me too! But you’ll starve to death with this wait-for-opportunity-to-find-you strategy.

While it would be great for all of our new customers and clients to come to us waving their credit cards and wallets, that’s not usually thew case.

Be willing and able to go out and create conversations that create desire in your prospects for what you have to offer. YES – even if they weren’t even thinking they needed or wanted what you have to offer!

Creating that desire is YOUR JOB. This ability and mentality is what separates the top performers from everyone else. Speaking of such..

The top sellers wake up every day with the mindset of going and MAKING sales happen – not hoping that someone comes and finds them.

This mindset is coupled with the belief that what you have to offer people is more important than what they’re already doing – thus, you are justified in interrupting them and inserting yourself into their lives. By definition, most people are average.

And they rationalize their existences by making themselves OK with average. Your offer – which takes them past average – SHOULD interrupt them because they need it.
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