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6 Productivity Tips to Reach Your Goals Faster

Many people struggle to accomplish their goals, but we are here to share with you 6 productivity tips to help you knock your goals out this year. Set time to write down your goals or tasks for the day, fuel your body with healthy meals, and start moving your body. A body in motion stays in motion. Fitness can be fun, so find the things you enjoyed to do.

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The Power of Conscious Discipline: 3 Discipline Strategies Tips

Conscious discipline is hard and takes work, but it is needed to have a successful life. It requires you to have non-negotiable activities that you complete daily, no matter what. Following recommended strategies can help you achieve your daily results and ultimately help you to have a better life.

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BWC Recommended Books

BWC Book List Here’s some of the best books, authored by or suggested by the BWC Community The Mirror Of Motivation: The Self-Guide To Self-Discipline Authored by Dre Baldwin The

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How to Achieve Goals to Find Great Success

Learning how to achieve goals and find great success is the path to starting your journey toward building the life you want. To begin your plan for success, you need to break down your goals into small, manageable steps. Remember, success is a journey, not a destination. So keep growing and learning, and constantly strive to improve your daily performance.

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Breakfast with Champions Schedule

Breakfast with Champions Weekly Schedule Monday – Friday – starting at 5am EST! This schedule is subject to change, but more or less, this is the regular weekly schedule for

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Woman smiling with arms wide as she How to be your best self: DECIDE to make the minutes in a day matter

How to Be Your Best Self: DECIDE to Make the Minutes in a Day Matter

You get 1440 minutes in a day; use these to DECIDE how to be your best self. Nobody knows how many total minutes you have in a lifetime, but you do know how many minutes are in a day.
In order to get your life on track, you must take the wheel. Choose not to be driven by other people’s beliefs and take back control of your decisions.

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