Reflecting on Lessons Learned in 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023

Almost everyone can agree that there were lots of lessons learned in 2022. The year has been a rollercoaster of joyful and not-too-positive moments. There are also things we did we could have done better. The most important thing is that as we advance on those decisions, we reflect on them and think about better ways they could have happened.

Life has changed us, we are not the same person we were 2-3years ago, but we should understand that nothing affects us unless we permit it to do so.

Ways to improve on the lessons learned in 2022

We are a product of our decisions; excellent and correct judgment gives you, more often than not, a fantastic result and vice-versa. Going into 2023, you don’t want to make the same mistakes you made in 2022.

So listed below are better ways to reflect on and improve on your actions:

No matter what, show love, show kindness.

Regardless of what is happening on the exterior, you never know what’s happening on the surface. When you see something good, talk about it. You never know the impact of your positive words on people.

It’s not enough to depend on Grace; you need to actualize it.

We shouldn’t base our life on luck but rather look towards creating our luck. Our life’s outcome isn’t entirely based on one rare moment but on the accumulation of different moments. We should remember that luck is defined as when preparation meets opportunity; there’s no luck if you are not prepared to handle whatever opportunities life gives you in each present moment.

Be more vocal about your desire.

People often act selfless when presented with a reasonable means to solve their problems. Going into the new year, you don’t need to always act selfless to your detriment. Being selfish and getting what you want out of situations is okay. Always remember that in the end, you will always have yourself to yourself. Reflect on, and be aware of your interests so that you can look out for them. 

Conclusion: Using the present moment to reflect

We should always look beyond our current situation, even during despair. There is hope beyond your present moment and present state of mind, whatever that unpleasant event may have been for you. Let’s always look out for that ray of hope and not give up on ourselves.

Let us not neglect our negative experiences; it’s important to reflect on them from time to time. We can value them and learn from them. Mistakes, lessons learned, and negative experiences should be seen as new ways to get things done correctly. 

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