Reconnect With Your Vision: Is It Time For You To Get Up or To Wind Down?

It’s important to reconnect with your vision periodically and reassess whether it still serves you. With just a few weeks to go until the end of the year, we need to make sure we have the strategies in place for the success we want to achieve in 2023. Everywhere we go now, we can see Christmas trees, festive menus, and decorations that signal it’s time for us to slow down

Reconnect with your vision

We often look at what everyone else is doing and use them as an example. But maybe the people who are winding down already have their plan in place and are prepared to hit the ground running in 2023. That is why we can’t follow someone else’s lead. Instead, you need to evaluate everything that happened this year using this 3-step formula:

  1. Evaluate your journey. What are the key milestones you have achieved this year? How can you improve these achievements? And what’s the next milestone you want to achieve? These questions are important because you need to have a vision for yourself. 
  2. Reconnect with your vision. At the end of the day, success isn’t given. You have to plan for it. So now is the time to reconnect with your vision and make sure it still serves you. This way, you also make sure you are not following someone else’s vision. 
  3. Find time to work on your business, not just for it. If you are in a position where you haven’t completely figured out what you need to do next, take half of the 6 weeks left in this year and spend that time building a strategy. The last three weeks can be spent winding down, spending time with family, and preparing for the holidays. If you don’t take the time out, instead of relaxing during those last 3 weeks, you’ll be thinking about your business. This way, you won’t be able to enjoy the time.

Revisit your to-do list

Then, revisit your to-do list for 2022. Chances are, out of everything on your to-do list this year, there was one thing you kept putting off.So what is that one thing, and what are you actually going to do to get that one thing completed?

Visualize a 100-meter runner in the starting box looking down at their fingers while they wait for the sound to get going. Every single aspect of how they appear in the moment before they go has been thought out in advance. From the shoes to their training regime, they have gone through a massive preparation before the race. Now think about that from a business perspective. Before you go, you have to get set. So, what is your process to get set? 

Enroll others into your vision!

Once you have your vision, be as loud as you can about it and make it very clear to everyone around you. It’s difficult to meet the right people but if you are very clear about your vision, you will attract the right people. You have to have a very good understanding of your vision. Success means different things to different people. That’s why your vision is going to be very different from other people’s. When you have conversations with people, you’ll get a lot of clues on whether your vision gets across. 

Takeaway: Reconnect with your vision

Now is the time to reconnect with your vision and make sure it still serves you. Here are some key pointers to remember:

  • Evaluate your journey, reconnect with your vision, and find time to work on achieving it. 
  • Success isn’t given. We need to plan for it. 
  • What is that one thing from your to-do list that you kept pushing back, and what are you going to do to get it completed?
  • Be as loud as you can about your vision, and make it very clear to everyone around you.

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