Quiet Reflection: What’s Going On In Your World?

It’s almost the end of the year, a season of celebration, merriness, and getting together with family, friends, and loved ones. A season of giving and receiving gifts, a thanksgiving season, and it’s a shame we don’t get to self-reflect and recollect in this season. It’s so sad how humans only focus on quiet reflection or get into a reverential mood when we attend a funeral. It’s a shame we have to wait for another funeral to become sober and humbled by life. We should take a moment to not take things for granted. We have become so distracted and stressed in this world that we all forget to be quiet and reflect.

Why is Quiet Reflection Important?  

You need to take absolute control over your day because when you have control, you set the tone for the day, impacting the day immensely. It affects the way you communicate and interacts with people. As you try to control your day, remember to show kindness to yourself and the people around you. Every day should be a good day because you haven’t missed an opportunity for kindness. We all think of every year as “The” Year. But what makes a great year is the battles we face, the tears, the wins, losses, smashed goals, the tone we set for our days, and the kindness we show to ourselves and others. Do not forget that everyone is fighting to win a battle.

Quiet Reflection gives you space to heal

The best players all have the ability to be the greatest player of all time, but its impossible to do that when injured. 

There are two types of injury:

  1. We can easily fix up physical injury by surgery and medical means.
  2. Emotional injury: deadliest and most catastrophic type of injury because it comes from within. Show your inner self-kindness and take time to heal from within.

As the year ends, being kind to yourself will better usher you into the new year. This time of the year is unique because it allows you to reset your tone and build momentum for the coming year. Take a moment for quiet reflection. Put yourself in the right mindset in the coming weeks because nothing happens without the right attitude.

Think and reflect on you, your world, your life

What’s going on in your world? Take time to think and reflect on what world you are living in. Essential questions to ask yourself;

  1. Whose life am I living?
  2. Am I living life on my terms?
  3. Am I doing what I’m supposed to do to level up?

Most people are living their life based on somebody’s terms, somebody’s belief system unfortunately and this robs us of the joy of living life on our terms. You should decide to live life on your terms. Your life is yours, live it.

Quiet Reflection Starts with You

The way you start your day dictates the tone for the day, but you can’t be the best of yourself when you are emotionally injured. It’s hard to achieve greatness when you are limited. Be honest, be reflective, and be kind to yourself. A better mindset will allow you to acquire better things. And always finish big; make yourself proud.

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